Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out of town...

Sorry I have been missing. This last weekend was very hectic for us. We left Thursday morning for Wasilla, AK for my youngest to compete in the State Greco-Freestyle Wrestling tournament held in Wasilla and my eldest left that same day with his high school track team for Palmer, AK for the Palmer HS Relays. We did not arrive back in Fairbanks until late Sunday night and all came down with bad allergies from the sudden green up. So I have been busy keeping everyone from getting too sick and getting the house back under control.

We were pleasantly surprised with a very sunny drive down. A clear enough day to see Denali! Oh was she gorgeous. It is always a treat to see her out on a trip out of town. There was still remnants of snow in parts of the valley and mountain ranges but a sure sign of spring was under way when you see large ponds of melted snow and the river with breaking ice and flowing water.

Passing through Denali Park area with the Nenana River


We stayed at a cabin off Wasilla Creek ran by a company called Creekside Cabins. We have always stayed in one of their cabins instead of a hotel and have never regretted it. This was a nice relaxing way to end the evening after spending all day at a gym full of wrestlers! LOL!

I will share more of my trip. For now we are headed back to the Jr. High for my son's last Jazz concert of the year.

Have a great night.....