Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry not been around..sick:(

I am not one to come on here and talk about negative things but lately I have been under the weather. My lymph nodes on the left side of my neck became swollen a week ago under my jawline. We figured it was due to me getting a cold or an infection. Well it got worse and now all the lymph nodes all the way from my jawline down my neck into my clavicle area are swollen and painful and I have been going through bouts of fevers.

I was brought to the ER when the rest of the neck became enlarged and didn't get much accomplished at the ER except them saying I had strep throat and so they put me on Motrin and Penicillin. Went to the family practice clinic to be told this is out of their realm and they don't think its strep something is seriously wrong for my lymph nodes to be the way it is. Then was referred ASAP to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor who thinks either I have a stone in one of my glands and it is infecting my system or I have an infection no one can find giving me this reaction. There was no straight answer since they can't see through my skin so I am scheduled for a CT scan to determine what can be causing the problem.

In the meantime the penicillin is not working regardless if it is an infection the medicine has not touched it. Motrin and Tylenol only dull the pain and bring down the fevers. So I have been enduring this until I get seen again and as it goes the swollen lymph nodes are now more painful and tender to the touch. I am just grateful to have a husband that has been by my side throughout all this and will be around for all my appointments to make sure everything is done right and for my boys who have helped around the house when I am not capable of functioning.

I am not used to being like this. I have been sick before but still have enough energy to run my household. This has actually taken a toll on me and its been very frustrating.

Yesterday as Bo and the boys ran errands I was surprised with flowers and a card from the boys. They are concerned they are not used to seeing me this way and of course they want me to feel better. So that made my day and gave me the motivation to at least try to get things accomplished yesterday.

I will keep everyone posted on the results. I am praying it is just something like an infection gone out of hand and all I have to do is take antibiotics. If they see a mass they may have to do a biopsy and if they see a stone then we will have to see what they will say on how to remove it. So I am a bit scared. I don't like going into the hospital in the first place.

So I just wanted to let you all know I did not disappear just under the radar for now.

Pictures of my beautiful flowers from my boys.

Have a great week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it spring yet?

I know it is still winter and it is a wet one here in Kentucky from snow at one point to rain. I am not complaining much considering that my family and friends in Alaska are enduring the negative temperatures. But it is a bit dreary not to see the sun. So to put a little color on my page I would like to share some of my flower pictures from last summer in Alaska.

I am anxious for spring to come so that I can finally grow my garden.

My inspiration is always sparked by here are a couple new projects I happen to work on.

The bracelets are made with my husband's glass beads and sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.

Leaf pendant: Silver Precious Metal Clay

I am hoping to work more with Precious Metal Clay in the near future. It is a really neat product to work with and a very rewarding outcome to what you create.

Well the boys are with a friend tonight. So Bo and I actually have a night to ourselves after we run our errands. We are thinking of trying out a local restaurant here that we have been to a long time ago. The Stone Hearth We are hoping to enjoy a nice quiet and relaxing dinner together after a busy and hectic week.

Hope you all have a great weekend.