Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorry for my absence...

Sorry for my absence on here. I will make sure to update here soon.

The month of June came with visitors, and a wedding. July came with a beautiful trip down to Valdez, AK. It was a nice getaway...a well needed one and we even got to see a grizzly up close and personal. Thankfully he was mindful of people and just went about his way fishing.

I can't wait to is in full swing too now for the boys. I am still not wanting to accept I have two teenage sons in my house. Time flies way too fast.

I am also starting a Middle Eastern Dance class tonight for the UAF Summer Arts Festival. I took a 6 week class and loved it and now this is a 2 week course with a performance in the end. Wish me luck that I pick it up fast and do well. I will keep you posted on more of that soon.

Well Bo's shifts changed again so I am trying to rush a dinner before we both leave and yet get it situated for it to be ready when the boys come home from football.

Have a great night. Hopefully will be back soon......................