Friday, November 20, 2009

Whirlwind of days....

I don't even know where to begin.... usually things slow down once winter hits here in Alaska but for us it just went into hyper drive.

Weekend after weekend we have been busy with tournaments. One of those weekends Jared stayed here for the Hutchinson Meltdown and Nick traveled with Varsity for duals in Anchorage. Both did well and Jared took 1st in his weight class of 103 for the Hutchinson Meltdown and our team took first out of all the teams. We were very proud of them because they were a JV team in a Varsity tournament and did exceptionally well.

This last weekend we had a John Tobin tournament for two days that comprised of some of the top teams in the state and so our competition was tough. But Nick did not fail to amaze us that despite not wrestling a whole season and coming halfway into this season he beat out some of the best and took 3rd in his weight class 103. Then to make the weekend even better our school took second in the tournament against some of the top Anchorage schools. Some of our wrestlers are now ranked #1 and #2 in the state.

It is hard to have both boys in the same weight class. One is varsity and the other is JV but I do like the fact that they help each other out and are sparring partners. I just hope they don't meet each other on the bracket during one of the tournaments. I don't know how well I can watch that match.

Today and tomorrow is the West Valley Invitational so I will be busy with that and taking pictures of the matches.

Winter has settled in here. And the negative weather has also arrived which makes it hard for us to get things accomplished with our move coming up. Yes another reason I have not been on the computer except to download pictures for the kids. We are moving out of Ft. Wainwright and at first it seemed so long from now but it is around the corner. The movers will be in our house on Monday morning to pack up our household goods. We have been busy with appointments and the kids events and getting this house staged for that to happen. So I am living in what I call a chaotic mess right now. But I know this is the most stressful part of the move then it is over. We will be staying in a hotel until we dis enroll the kids from school and drive out of Alaska through Canada to board the ferry out of Haines, AK. It will be a new adventure for us but it will be a bit scary leaving in the winter and bittersweet to be leaving during the holiday season. Hopefully though this will be the last move in a while. We are hoping to stabilize in Kentucky to be able to graduate the kids out of high school without this kind of stress.

Hopefully with Wi-fi in most hotels I will be able to keep you all posted on our journey. I will miss many people and places here. This is my home state and at times I know I will get homesick. But I think my whole family is ready for a change.

Well I need to head on out of here and get more closets done and get ready to meet the boys at the high school. I hope they both do well, this may be their last tournament since we will not be here for State. :(

Here are some snow pictures for those of you who have none. :)

Sign of a summer past

I wish you all a great Friday.


Chrissy said...

Hey, Abby!.. I see u have gone dark too.. Took me two days to get use to going back to dark brown... I still have my natural red... Anyway Nick's face has once again changed... He looks older... I bet the boys will be pitted against each other..that will be something to watch...

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Yes I went dark again. I actually like it. :) The boys did well in the tournament. They did not get pitted against each other because they made it up the bracket in different ways. Jared took 5th and Nick beat a kid he has been waiting to beat who is ranked in the state to get to the championship match. He lost by points to his opponent who is ranked #3 in the state right now. But he did great and took second. :) Movers are at my house tomorrow.