Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry have been offline...

Glass art on the bridge to Tacoma Glass Museum in Tacoma, WA.

Hello from Oregon's coast. As I sit here trying to type I can here the thunderous sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks outside our lodge windows. It was a beautiful drive and hopefully we can explore more tomorrow.

I am sorry I have not been online. We were on the ferry for 3 days with no internet. I used a lot of that time to start organizing my folders in picture folders and work on some of them but the rocking of the boat made certain moments nauseous. The first days were not bad but the last day we rocked all day and it took Bo and I a couple days to re-acclimate to level ground once we were in Washington. Once we docked in Bellingham, WA we went straight to my brother and his wife's place in Seattle. We spent 6 days with them and was busy sightseeing and just spending quality moments with the family. We enjoyed our time with them and places we visited.

We left Seattle today and headed down the coast of Oregon. We are very tired from driving all day and trying to deal with days of rain. So this will be short but I just wanted to let you all know we are safe and no there is no snow here. :) The coast is a beautiful area. I wish we had more than just one day to spend here.

Well my eyes are growing heavy and I still have to download pictures so goodbye for now but hopefully I can update more sooner.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

The glass art looks beautiful! I am glad your journey is going good so far. The boat rocking after a few days didn't sound so great, but I am glad you are back on steady ground and enjoying the scenery! :) Make sure to take lots of pictures...can't wait to see them!

Susan Stevenson said...

I love the glass art! I am excited for you and your family to be making no memories and having new adventures in your new home.

I miss you so much, but I am happy to be able to keep up with you all through your blogging.

Beautiful photos!

Love and hugs!!! xoxoxoxox