Saturday, May 28, 2011

So much so much.....

May 2011 Daisy

I know it seems I have neglected my blog, but really I have been around just have not shared much due to so much happening at once all with its own attachment of emotions. Yesterday I got a scare, thankfully it dwindled down to just a worry but it just made me realize the real sacrifice those in uniform make and those of us who support the ones in uniform. Peaks of stressed emotions like that just makes all the beautiful moments in our lives really worth having even if its as simple as watching everything green up for the summer or watching your kids walk across the podium to receive their academic award for the year despite all that has also been thrown in front of them.

For those of you wondering no Bo is not home yet and we really do not know when he will be coming home. Their replacements got pushed back and so until they step foot on their base to replace them we are still in limbo. But unfortunately life doesn't wait and the boys and I have celebrated events and holidays without him.

May 18, 2011 was 18yrs of marriage for Bo and I. This one even if he is not around felt more meaningful than the last years. I think its because the true form of love, patience, communication, trust and values were tested this year and has persevered to show us what is important in our lives and how we are reminded that it is hard work in every level that gets us to that point, its not luck, its not given, its earned.

I have so much to share but do not want to ramble throughout this so I will share in the best way I can, visually. :)

So here we go...

Another season of track for Nick.

Mother's Day with the boys.

18yrs together:
May 18, 1993 wedding at our courhouse.

4 months later at our church.

Meeting up with lifelong friends for a baby shower

My first finished journal girl for my The Goddess and Poet portrait class from Suzi Blu.

2010-2011 CHHS Academic Awards-you have to have a 92% along with a GPA of 3.5 or higher to receive an award.

Jared. 3.9 GPA with all honors classes and AP Biology

Nick with a 3.8 with all honors classes and AP US History, AP Chemistry and Pre-Calculus

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend! Stay safe and have fun!

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Abi said...

Hey Abby. So lovely to see you. I have caught up on your blog I think.. sorry to hear you don't know when Bo is home - that sucks big time. But, the gifts? how wonderful!
Congrats to your boys - aren't they clever! you must be so proud.
The paintings you are creating - amazing! I loved the images of you in 'session'... groovy scarf and apron!!
The charm necklaces are gorgeous,
and as always, you look beautiful. Hugs
I think blogger is behaving today... I may get this comment published.. we will see.