Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Been off the grid over here....

Yes I am alive and here and busy. I think I over use that word now. LOL! Since Bo arrived we have traveled pretty much the whole summer. Spending a week in Florida in June then a sporadic trip to Asheville, North Carolina in July to run away from the high heat index here in Kentucky and spend more family time together before Bo signed back in. Then last weekend we were in Mt. Juliet, TN for a wrestling camp for the boys. The great thing was that we were able to finally see our great friends, Jen and Amy and spent a wonderful brunch with them. 5 years has passed since Bo and Amy graduated nursing school together so it was really nice to see her in person again and reconnect. Then today was the first day of school for the boys. Can you believe it, I have a Junior and a Senior now!!

I have so much to share and I know I will do it one post at a time. I feel so bad for neglecting my page. :(

With much heaviness in my heart at times and frustration it impedes on my creative processes which then I tend to put aside my creativity. That of course is not such a great thing for not only my psyche but my soul. So I am very grateful and thankful to have met Connie Hozvicka in one of my online workshops. On her Dirty Footprints Studio she has a free online course on Total Alignment. Here is a snippet of the course.

My intention behind Total Alignment is to share with others a series of powerful tools and techniques that can be used to help "totally align" one's body-mind-spirit with Creative Source. Through the fusion of FEARLESS™ Painting and basic Yoga techniques we will move through five invitations designed for you to explore and experiment with in your own creative process and life. The invitations will be centered around:

1. Opening The Heart Center (Monday, August 1)
2. Balancing (Tuesday, August 2)
3. Energizing (Wednesday, August 3)
4. Full Self Expression (Thursday, August 4)
5. Grounding (Friday, August 5

I dove right in staying up late at times to paint. Not all the time would my paintings come out "pretty" but the energy of delivering the paint to a board or canvas was therapeutic. I am hoping with my classes I take for painting or mixed media it would open the doors for more creativity with my jewelry.

If you happen to have time hop over to Connie's page and check her new site out and her workshops offered.

Today I am running off to deal with cross country team pictures plus senior picture with Nick. Sigh.... I cannot believe that much time has already passed. I will be back to share pictures of beautiful sights this summer and hopefully get back into the grind of sharing my creations.

Talking about my jewelry I opened up my Etsy store again if you want to pass by and check it out.