Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye August..Hello September!

September came a bit quick and around here you wouldn't think it was with how the heat index went back up again. Nick's cross country meet had to be canceled due to it. :( I am just looking forward to much more cooler weather in the fall.

So...September comes with so much. I start my college classes, Bo's Birthday is tomorrow the 2nd, My Brother's is on the 3rd. Our anniversary of 18yrs happens on September 11th but for our second anniversary this year Bo will not be here(Our actual one is on May 18th then our church one Sept 11th) yes the Army is once again sending him away from us. Thankfully this time its only for a course and its in Texas but still any time away from us always throws us for a loop. Just hope after what I just endured with him gone to Afghanistan this will be a piece of cake. Then all the Senior happenings in school, off season for wrestling and a full season into cross country. So can you say a lot on my plate? But you know I wouldn't have it any other way. This is life being a part of all my kids events and just being a part of the everyday stuff. Of course at times its not as easy as it is never easy and we are always hit with challenges and uphill battles that seem to test our characters but as always I trudge through knowing the next day is a new one. :)

In the midst of all that I still have my online art classes and take time to tinker with my jewelry. I wish I had more than 24 hours to a day...I would get so much more done. LOL!

Before I welcome in September this is what my August encompassed. :)

Reconnecting and bonding with friends.

Jen and Heather's visit to Louisville.

Cross Country Pasta Night

Nick's first official Cross Country Race-Tiger Run in Louisville.

Practicing drawing faces.

Experimenting with paperclay projects from my 21 Secrets class Silent Messages

Total Alignment Invitation #1-"Opening the heart center"

Frosted Blue Bracelet and Earrings set

Repainted the Accent Walls in the Dining and Living Area: Out with the Red (5 coats of it) and in with the Burnt Caramel

Before picture:

After picture: We also changed out the chandelier and will be looking for new artwork to hang.

Finished Abstract Paintings.

As we welcome the new month in, I wish you all a great and safe Labor Day Weekend.

Kaiah waiting to play frisbee with Daddy. :)

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Hybrid J said...

Lovely blog and glad to have you at Jane's "Supplies Me". See you in class. ;)