Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once again I find myself trying to catch up...

October flew by along with November at its tail. Here is a little recap of the events that have flown by us.

Halloween was spent carving pumpkins and painting skulls and we had a lot of fun as a family but disappointed that even if we live in a neighborhood not one trick or treater came. :( So now I am left with ALL this candy...um not a good thing. LOL!

My week then was filled with tests, quizzes and homework and events. Nick's Regions for Cross Country was an hour away at Bowling Green, KY. It was an intense event for both teams but a nail biter for our boys. Come to find out Nick was the one that placed right to be able to secure our spot for State! So we are headed to Lexington, KY this next weekend to compete in state. This was momentous for our high school because this is not only the first time our boys team are going to state as a whole team but we are sending both our boys team and girls team at the same time! We are so proud of the whole team and I am glad Nick's last season with the team will end in such a great way.

With such a goal achieved the boys spend bonding time at my house last night. The kids didn't have school Monday and Tuesday so we opened our doors for all the teenage boys that could come to spend time here. They were strewn out all over my den last night. :)

In all the whirling of events I did find some quiet time to finish my Handbook of Elements books. These are just my first but hopefully when I receive my metal order I can concentrate on making more.(I will dedicate a whole entry to the experience.)

So without further ado...I will share the events....
Carving pumpkins..

Kaiah decked out for Halloween. :)

Our painted skulls

Our pumpkins and outdoor decor


Our team going to State

And due to making history for the HS our guys shaved their heads!

And I will end with what I had waiting for me to finish...:)

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