Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring, Jewelry, and Journals

I was so happy that spring came early this year. It was March when we were starting to have mild and warm weather already. I guess that could also stem from our winter not being so harsh this year. The temperature was getting warmer and buds started showing up on trees. My rock garden grasses came alive and my Azalea bushes started blooming. Then all of a sudden after some rain a cold front came through. We even woke up one of the mornings with frost on the ground. This then kept me from buying more flowers to pot because I didn't want them dying but I was just happy everything was still blooming and turning green despite the chilly weather.
Rainy days in spring give me the chance to re-organize. My art room so badly needed that since I had neglected it the last weeks. There was so much happening in our household and hurried trip down to the Gulf Coast for a funeral didn't give me much time to just create. So when I had the chance I redid my art room to accommodate a beading table again so that my new pieces can start materializing. I found this vintage inker's tray at a antique shop and knew if I left with it I had to make it functional.
I found a way.......and made it into a functional piece. I cut up one of my velvet pads for jewelry and put them in the spaces after I cleaned the tray so that I can store my semiprecious stones, copper,silver finding and pearls in plain sight. Right now it is still a work in progress putting what I need in their correct spaces. It sits right by the table I will be doing most of my work on.
With a new organized space it sparked the motivation to go through and inventory my glass jewelry and upload to Etsy sets for sale so that I can make room for newer pieces to come. Here are few examples of what is in my Etsy shop.
I have also been working in my handmade journals which I learned from Msity Mawn in her Open Studio workshop and filling them up with not only her assignments but also visual journaling from Judy Wise's Journal Workshop. I am still in the process of making more handmade journals so I can travel with them. So here is a peek at some of them and what is inside.
Well the rain is coming down again. At least it is watering our grass. We were busy today picking up Nick's tuxedo for Prom and other tidbits for his senior events coming up and still working away at my last homework and finals for my classes. This month has already flown by! Trying to savor every minute that Nick is still with us on the last weeks of his senior year. So with that I will close with a slide show I received of his Senior pictures from a great and talented local photographer Kirstie Goodman with pictures of Nick around our historic downtown Elizabethtown. Enjoy and have a beautiful night.

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