Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moments in Time...

The month of October has flown by and now we will be celebrating Halloween. My kids are at the age where trick or treating is not a "cool" thing anymore but we love giving out candy. :) This year we were planning an actual Halloween party at our house but since we had word of our move we have been busy with going through the house to situate it for the movers to come in and pack us up. So I guess our first Halloween party will be at our new place next year.

As time keeps on ticking moments in our lives come and go. I always try to capture them at least in pictures because they are memories.

October came with many of those moments.

October 1st my husband was pinned his Captain rank. After being in the military for 18 years and 14 of those being enlisted this was a huge event for him and our family. The sacrifices we made for his career and all the moves came down to this one moment of being honored in front of 70 plus people to receive his rank. Since this will probably be the last one the kids are around for, we gave them the honor to be the one to strip his old rank and pin his new one.

Jared stripping his old rank.

Nick pinning his new rank on.

We are very grateful for the life we have lived. The military lifestyle is not always an easy one to be in but we have learned a lot, met great people and have grown as a family, and have been handed opportunities that we would have never encountered. We thank everyone who has been a part of our life and who has helped us grow and who has always supported not only my husband but also his whole family throughout our years.

As football ended for my boys. Wrestling season started. Jared was one of their lightweight wrestlers and jump back and forth from Varsity to JV depending on having a match or not. This week the head coach was able to talk Nick into getting back into it and so he too is on the team now and I cannot wait to take pictures of both of them wrestling.

The boys on Homecoming morning for their high school football.

Jared in his wrestling warm ups.

Days of duals against other schools they dress up. :)

October then ended with our Annual Holly Days Bazaar here on Ft. Wainwright. I have participated in it for 3 years now and have grown to enjoy the company of other artists and repeat customers and friends that stop by to say hello. This year was the best I have had out of the others but it was bitter sweet knowing this was my last bazaar here.

This was our table the second day of the bazaar. We had Bo's lampwork earrings and bracelets and pendants, my fused glass jewelry and I also had metalwork jewelry with silver, copper and brass.

Bo and I at our booth at the Holly Days Bazaar

We want to once again thank all our family, friends and repeat customers for your support of our work. We put the bar higher for every year and progress as artists because of your support. Thank you so much!

I know I have a lot to catch up on...just wanted to drop some eye candy before I leave this entry on some of the pieces that were at the bazaar.

Fused pendants

Fused glass rings

Fused Earrings

Bobby Pins

Metalwork earrings

Bo's lampwork bracelets


Soon I will post more of my recent work. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
We have officially started winter here so I have to take my time driving on our icy roads here to get the boys and run errands.

Until next time.....


Chrissy said...

I missed u Abby!!.. omg, I bet u and the boys are proud of Bo!. I like the latest bracelet, the charm adds a lot...Looking forward to seeing the rest...BTW went back to my original hair color... that was a shock...

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

I miss you too. :) Yes we are very proud of Bo. I cannot believe our time is almost up here in AK. Yeah I will be changing my hair again soon probably back to something a little more subtle. :) I bet your hair looks great though!