Friday, October 30, 2009

Winter has arrived....

We were pretty lucky to start our October with beautiful fall weather this year. Last year it was already snowing in September. We had bets on whether or not Halloween would be snow free but just as everyone thought that we woke up to a winter wonderland the beginning of the week. I don't mind this time of year when the snow is just falling, it is pretty outside and the temperature is still warm. I do not like though the slippery roads and the drivers out there that are not cautious.

I am trying to take in every moment and day I am still here. This is my hometown and it will be hard to say goodbye to it once again because of a military move. But I am excited at the same time that we are heading to another beautiful state. Kentucky to most people is the Kentucky Derby and horse farms. Well it is but the landscape there despite how different it is from the majestic mountains here in Alaska is beautiful in its own right. I love the rolling hills and the barns. Now that I have a better camera and love to go out and take pictures, I am already thinking of those foggy mornings and barns with the rows of corn around them and the fall maple leaves in autumn through my view finder. It will be another change for my family but we are ready for it.

Here in Alaska, while states are still experiencing temperatures in the 80's, we have snow. It has fallen now and will stay, covering the pine trees and our backyards.

It was snowing this day with overcast skies as the snow covered the Pine and Birch trees in our backyard. This is what I see out my bedroom window.

Other days when the sun shines it illuminates the trees.

I love how the snow sparkles in the sun.

I will miss this little tree in front of our deck. I love how the sun illuminates the tree. This little area always seems to attract the Moose. I will miss their visits too.

In thinking of snow I asked Bo to make me some beads that resembled little snowballs.

This set was made with clear glass with Silver Lake Frit over it.

This bracelet was made with a light blue glass with the Silver Lake frit.

I am trying not to think of the things I will already miss before even moving...*SIGH* but here are a few...

My backyard visitors.

The Races.

Ice Art Championships

Creamer's Field

And just Alaska itself and her scenic landscape.

Thankfully I documented our 3 years here with tons of pictures. You can view most of them on my flikr site.

For now I will enjoy the sunshine and warm temps for Alaska.

On my way home from picking up the boys at wrestling practice I took the long way home and skirted the river. I caught it when the sun was setting and it cast a glow off the trees.


Chrissy said...

i have always loved your photos from Creamer's Field as well as the moose photos and landscapes!.. Remember when u were feeling blue when it was so cold your truck couldn't start up? or when u had to run it forever to warm it up? will u miss that? LOL I don't think so... winter came fast this year it seems... I remember when u did posts about winter earlier this year... the year went by too fast!.

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Hi Chrissy. Thank you so much for your compliments on my photos. :) And no I will not miss frozen fingers and toes because it is -50 outside or the car problems in the cold. LOL! I will miss my family and friends and the memories made here. But I am excited for a new adventure to a new place. I hope to stay in touch with you even throughout our move.