Monday, June 21, 2010

Works in progress and celebrations...

Summer has hit Kentucky! I am not used to the heat and humidity and so I find myself walking or running with Kaiah at night as the sun is going down around 8pm to 9pm. I am constantly watering my yard and garden because we have barely had any rain.

Bo and I realized that it has been hotter in the garage than outside and decided if we are to work in there with his torch and my kiln which puts out heat. We will have to to put a window unit in. Which thankfully we do have a window on the side of the garage. So in the heat the other day before heading to work his mid-shift he installed one in there. It has cooled it down enough for him to get back on the torch and play around a little to get used to working again. Tomorrow I plan to move my work into the garage, right now I have been soldering on the counter of my laundry room. Yeah not too good with the whole smell aspect but my laundry room is long and big with cabinets and a kitchen counter so I figured I could cut glass in there.

So besides all the rest of the things we stay busy with we have been little by little getting new things made. And I know I promise you those pictures. :)

Here are a couple art projects and jewelry that I have been working on. They are not finished yet in these pictures.

Working on a necklace:

Another mixed media piece-will be the second of three pieces.

Two of the three pieces:

Start of my table leg doll:

Hopefully I will have finished pictures up soon. :)

More celebrations has gone under way again. Jared's 15th birthday and Father's Day.

Jared asked to go paintballing and so the plan for his birthday was for the kids to meet at Conders Paintball fields, the boys play then they all go home with Jared and have pizza at the house, chill out and play games then have cake and open presents. It was a hit although they all came home so sweaty from the heat since it was in the 90's! I washed their clothes as the boys lent them shorts and shirts. That is when I realized all the welts they all had on their bodies due to the game. And yet they all loved it even Bo! Not me. I think I would take it personally if I got hit in the face. Jared had a big bruise on his jaw and that is through his protective gear and Nick and Bo had black and blue bruises and welts all over them. Hmmm...must be a guy thing.

I just can't believe this little baby is now 15 years old!

The guys before and after playing paint ball.

Happy Birthday Jared!

On the day of his actual birthday we took him out to Red Lobster for dinner. :)

Then this weekend was Father's Day.

We celebrated by taking Bo to the Old Talbott Tavern Inn in Bardstown, Kentucky. The building has been around since 1779 and is considered to be haunted. :) Mostly the Dainiel Boone room. We ate at the restaurant and was seated in the Adubon room where some of his paintings in there were the originals. We had a nice dinner and I tasted a new bourbon for me called Elmer T. Lee. I usually like Maker's Mark which the distillery is not that far from there. :) Besides the dinner I handed Bo a present. A fellow blogger and jewelry artist Metallo Bianco made a sterling silver cuff and a ring that I purchased for Bo. He totally loved it and I am very impressed with the quality of the work. I do not have the capability to make rings or cuffs yet and I knew he would really want one so it was nice to have pieces from a fellow artist. The wedding ring of Mokume that I made Bo was done in my class where I had the tools to work with. I am little by little acquiring those tools but it takes time and money to get all that you need.

Getting ready to head out to dinner and yes it was hot out. Our heat index here has been in the 100's.

Opening his presents

Here are the actual pictures of his presents. His silver ring and the sterling silver cuff with brown suede.

Thank you Cassie! He loves his gifts. :)

Then of course you know I cannot end without any pictures of my baby girl right? :) It has been so hot here that when she plays outside she looks for the nearest shade and just plops down. So we bought her a kiddy pool. We figured she would like to play in the water when its is scorching out, plus it would keep her away from my already double reinforced fence of my garden. (She has been wanting to dig my plants up. :( In fact she has already eaten a bell pepper plant of mine:O )

Here is Kaiah playing in her pool. We had to coax her with her kibbles in the pool to get in it. Tonight she jumped in and out of it like no big deal. :)

Blowing bubbles in the water LOL!

Bo is back on night shifts. His expectations of his job here has not been what we thought when we chose to move here. He was suppose to be in charge not on the floor again. But that is the military for you. You have to adapt to whatever changes get thrown on you and have the patience and the flexibility to deal with it. I have to keep my calm and be there as a support despite the frustrations that arise. But I have to just sigh. I just want my husband happy. I know he loves what he does its all the other "stuff" that brings up stress and frustrations. :( Sigh...counting down...although we have 6 more years left despite the fact that he will be in 19 years this coming October.

Well I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Happy Monday!

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Abi said...

Hey... I enjoyed reading your post! I can't believe how big your pup has got!! we just bought our dogs the same little pool, as Bernard loves the creek. He loves playing in the pool, but the other dogs aren't fussed!
I feel for your husband and you... the Military are not very consistent with decisions, or terribly reliable are they!
I love your blue dress and the necklace you are making is stunning as is!
Well, it's great to catch up with all your latest news.. always a pleasure to read :O)