Saturday, June 12, 2010

I know it has been a while again! Since the boys ended school I seriously thought I would have some time off but nope..I don't think I have slowed down! LOL! There is so much I want to share and such little time to be sitting on the computer to do so but I will try to update on some of the things happening. :)

They are off school but Nick is now running for cross country but its off season so they do what they call the 400 mile club and have to run a certain amount of miles a day. Some of those days we bring him to Freeman Lake where he runs with the other members of the team. They average 5-6 miles a day.
Jared is constantly working out-that boy has so much dedication and commitment, I wish I had his self motivation. He also is still wrestling at tournaments that we can make it to.

Work,work work is pretty much all my husband does. LOL! Then when he comes home its work again because of the yard or things to get done around the house. One part of our basement is not finished yet. It has walls but we need to prime it, paint it and lay flooring down. That is the room that houses all their workout equipment right now.

When we do have some time to spend together we try to family outings. So we did a hike out at Bernheim Forest one day, went to a lake to fish and also fished at a nearby pond. Nothing like Alaska fishing but hey its peaceful. So I will be sharing some of those photos soon.

One Sunday though we went out to run errands and ran across a fruit and vegetable stand off our highway and had to stop in to grab fresh tomatoes and potatoes and other stuff. I happen to have my camera with me and asked if I could take pictures which the owner said go ahead. I love the pop of color and fresh fruits and vegetables are such summer images. :)

Here are a few...

Talking about fresh vegetables, I am trying out my own little garden. We were going to till up the land outside what land we fenced off for Kaiah but with how busy we have been we just decided to do a small boxed garden off the side of our backyard. I have corn, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, bell peppers,tomatoes,green beans, watermelons and some herbs and sweet potatoes growing in it. I think I was over zealous and totally filled up my garden, so it will be interesting to see how it will be once everything starts growing.

Here is the start of my little garden and its progression:

My corn sprouting

Other seeds sprouting:

I will take more recent pictures soon and hopefully I can harvest all that I have planted. :)

Besides my garden growing my flowers are blooming!

This was one of the first pictures I took when we first put in our perennial garden.

We also put more flowers on the front of our porch:

Now they are all blooming! I can't wait for it to grow more full every year. :)

As you can tell I love flowers and cannot wait to have our forever home where I can uproot all the land and just have a wildflower garden out back.

Even my baby girl Kaiah loves flowers. :)

Kaiah is getting big fast and the last Vet visit she was healthy on her second round of puppy shots and weighed 18 pounds. And to think she looks bigger now than in this picture! They grow up way too fast!
Vet Visit June 2, sitting with Daddy.

Everyone and everything is growing! And I am not sure if I can keep up anymore! LOL!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
We will be celebrating my youngest son's 15th birthday tomorrow but his real day is on Monday! I can't believe Jared will be 15!Have a great weekend!


Chrissy said...

Your pup is growin. and so cute... I love your front garden!. I want an Asian section in my backyard... btw my feeders ended up reseeding in the ground... gives the grass some texture for sure! lol.... Glad u cordoned off that veggie section... Looks like u've done a lot of work

Abi said...

Hey! you have been busy... love the photography and puppy is growing!!! didn't realise your man was in the Army... mine is just in the Air Force reserves now. What's Oklahoma like? we are moving to Woowward because of Jesse's new job... should be interesting!
Have a great Sunday :O)

Abi said...

BTW.. my sister sends me the fibers from her shop in England...but where she gets them from? good question!!

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Chrissy thank you! I have to take the newest picture of the front garden. I used to have bird feeders there and they dropped all the sunflower seas and I just let them grow and now by the bird bath is a whole row of them. :) I had to move the bird feeders clear to the end of the yard so Kaiah is not near them. I think she got a hold of bird poop and seeing how dogs like to ear EVERYTHING she ate some and got really sick. So she goes out back not the front anymore now that we have a fence.

I can't wait to harvest my garden. :) I want a bigger one next year. :)

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Abi yes my husband is in the Army. We were suppose to already be getting ready to retire but when he switched to being an officer after he graduated with his nursing degree he has to do 10yrs active as one to retire as one or else they drop him back down to enlisted rank for retirement. And that wouldn't be cool after all the work and time he put into his career. So he is at 19 yrs this October but we still have 6 more years of the 10yrs to go.

My husband was born in Lawton, OK I would think it was like Texas in many ways. I have never been there. His family moved from there to MS and he pretty much grew up on the coast of MS in Biloxi. You will have to keep us posted on how your move goes.

Does your sister sell her fibers? I am a mixed media artist so even if its not used on dolls I can see it on other projects. They are the fibers you use on your dolls right?

Susan Stevenson said...

You garden is just gorgeous, Abby. You've always had such a green thumb. Good luck with the vegetables. I hope you have a huge bounty this summer!

Miss you!

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Susan thank you. I hope I can harvest what I have grown. :) It would be so nice not only to have fresh vegetables but also to know that I grew them. :) I miss you so much also!!