Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting ready for a show

I know I have soooo neglected blogging on here. After two weeks of vacation and coming home to only days before the boys started school was just crazy. In that time period Kaiah was also spayed, so I had to take care of her since she wasn't feeling too well the first days. Not only that I went into a slump not wanting to be here.

Being born on a tropical island of the Philippines and then being moved at the age of 10 to the US to live in Alaska always made me crave beaches. Every time I am at one I feel more at ease and at home and that happened in Florida. The first place we visited was Amelia Island and the beautiful quaint town of Fernandina Beach, we then left and stayed some days at St. Augustine, then Orlando then to Biloxi and Ocean Springs are of the coast of MS where my husband is from. I don't miss the heat but we are having that now here in Kentucky and I don't have a pretty water scene to look at.

None the less I had to get back into a schedule. We fell in love with the teal green sea colors and my hubby in the days he had off from night shift redid our bathroom and painted it with the color peacock blue from Benjamin Moore paints and now my master bath looks like a getaway bathroom. :)

Here is a before picture:

After picture:

We decorated the walls with local art from FL and MS.

These are from a local artist in St. Augustine, FL Robert Kline.

Cobia Fish from Nancy Garrett of MS. She is also a friend of ours and have a lot of her prints hanging on our walls that were given to us as a gift.

Of course you can't forget the sand and shells I collected. :) I also have more oyster shells that I picked up to do an art piece with. :)

I was very inspired being by the water but for now I have to put those thoughts of art to the side and concentrate on glass jewelry for a show.

We were accepted as one of the 100 artists juried to be a part of Art in the Highlands and it is happening this September. So since we have been back I have been busy making fused jewelry and ordering more materials and glass. We had a scare the other day when a storm rolling through fried the switch to my kiln but luckily Bo tinkered with it enough to get it back to working right.

This is the art show we will be a part of.

Here is the link: Art in the Highlands
Here are some of our new pieces.

New beads that will be turned into jewelry:

New fused earrings:

My favorite will be hard to part with this one. LOL!

Tack Fused Pendants

Full fused Pendants

All pendants together

I will try to fins some time to little by little share our vacation pictures. I really miss the beach and one day I know we will live by water once Bo retires from the Army. :) Enjoy your weekend and Happy Friday the 13th! :)


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Abby!, I love the new hairdo u have! The flat beads are gorgeous,can't wait to see what u do w/those....Would love for u to come up w/something either bracelet/necklace... U guys know what I like...:-)

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you! Now if I can only keep the hairdo this way. LOL! I will make sure to share what I did with the beads on here when they are done. :)

Abi said...

Oh wow.. the color really warms the bathroom up - good job :O) The pendants are all beautiful.... can't decide which I like best!