Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eye Candy-Warning picture heavy

Okay surprised for me to say its been busy in our household? Probably not. So a little update and then some pictures. :)

My son Nick has been running cross country for his HS here. Last Saturday was the Bluegrass Cellular Heartland 5K.

Bo and I were checkpoints and road guards for the first mile as volunteers as we cheered everyone running the race. Then headed to the finish line to watch them come in.
I am very proud of Nick. This is his first 5K and he came in at 20:05.9 and was 6th in his age group of 16-20 and 25th overall of over 500 runners. :) Our whole cross country team did well and the times they came in put them in Varsity or JV and proud to say Nick is on the Varsity team. :) In fact today is their first meet out at Barren County this afternoon about an hour or so away from here.

Here are some race pictures.

After the race since Bo was off we headed to Starlight, Indiana to Huber Orchard and Winery and Farm. Those pictures will be for another post. :)

We have been busy getting our materials and all our stuff ready for the Louisville Collegiate Art Show called Art in the Highlands. Our tent came in last week and I am just waiting for more display pieces to come in. Here are some of our new jewelry that will be headed that way.

These pieces are handmade beads by my husband Bo and put together with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver by me. :)

Kaiah patiently waiting for me while I am taking pictures.

Of course I have more pictures but will stop here for now.

Today is Bo's birthday and it will be a busy and hectic day. We have to drive out to the cross country meet and not sure when it will be over for us to have dinner. So I am very thankful that he is happy that the gifts he has is to be with us. I know though we will be hitting Sears here soon for some power tools. :) After this show he wants to finish our basement, redo our landscaping and start adding details to our house like crown molding. We want to finish our house in time to enjoy it and yet it put more detail to it that when we sell it others will also appreciate. We are putting all that in within the months since we have word that he is still on the deployment list. Just not ready to have my husband leave us. But you know we go on right? And I pray that I do have the strength to deal with things like some of my other friends have while their husband's have been gone.

Well on a good note...this is Nick's first race and Bo's birthday so heading off to enjoy my busy life with the guys. :)

My Coffell guys.......time is sure flying by. :(


Kalei's Best Friend said...

omg,your son's face has matured even more so from the last 6 mos...
i love how u are getting into the beige and black in your the bright blue and green earrings... i see your style is changing... your creativity is growing, Abby

Susan Stevenson said...

Happy Birthday to Bo! Good to see photos of you all. You look great.

Love the new pieces, but always partial to the turquoise shade as that's my birthstone color. :)

I'm sorry that Bo is still slated to go overseas. I know how worried you are, but you're so strong Abby. And even us strong gals are entitled to whine, cry, and be sad. Military life is not easy. :(

Miss you! Good luck at your show!!

Abi said...

Wow - I love to read your updates. You live such a lovely busy life. Your pup is beautiful -fully grown now?
Happy belated Birthady to your husband - I am sorry he is on the list again(I hated that freakin list) Jesse has just got out - toot toot.
I love the jewelry - and I really want to know how you get such white backgrounds?
Hope you are having a good weekend Abby X

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you Chrissy and Susan. I do hope I will be strong for the boys and myself throughout the time Bo is gone. I wish my friends were closer in miles to me. Sigh.

Abi yeah when the boys leave I will probably go through withdrawals. LOL! Nick is a Junior this year and Jared is a sophomore so you can imagine what its like in the household. Kaiah is not full grown yet. :) She is just turned 6 months. I am not sure how much taller she will get since it looks like she is taking her Dad's stature. She is getting thicker though. About the white background I put my jewelry on bright white paper most of the time my sketchbook and then take in direct sunlight sometimes with flash then just auto contrast it on photoshop.
I am counting down for Bo to be done with the military. I don't think we will miss the lifestyle when he is done. He has been in for 19 years this October but we still owe years so he will have done 24-25 by the time he retires.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! :)