Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas time is near...

The last time we had a tree up and fully decorated the house was in December of 2008. The year after around the holidays we were on the road on a move to Kentucky. This Christmas is to be our first in this new house. Usually I would have already dragged out all our Christmas decorations and lights right after Thanksgiving. Although the motivation this year is hard knowing a major part of our family is gone.

So I may be slow going but it will happen. I am just deciding on whether to look for a smaller tree for now or put up our big one. Then with being new in this house where the tree will go is another major decision. We have more room in our den downstairs but I would love to see it upstairs in our living room so that we see the beauty and feel the spirit when we wake up in the morning. So, it looks like some rearranging will be happening soon. I may choose a day that the boys are on a road trip for wrestling. Then I will have the time to concentrate on where I want stuff and get it ready so that they can decorate the tree with me.

Looking back at the past Christmas of 2008 inspires me to start going through my storage room and little by little drag my decorations up. Who knows I may go into historic Glendale and scour their antique stores and boutiques for more unique things. :)

Until my tree and decorations are up here are some images of the Christmas spirit in our house in 2008. We were in Fairbanks, Alaska. I miss the winter wonderland but not the temperatures they have already been enduring. I like the 30 degrees around here, but not a fan of rain in the holiday season.

Christmas 2008 Ft. Wainwright, Alaska

I collect Snowmen and Santas. :)

Our main tree.


Small tree in the dining area.

Outside decorations.

Hope you enjoyed a step back in time with to get this house decorated. :)

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ziggy stardust said...

lovely ornaments! did you make those? Your house looks amazing! thanks for sharing!