Friday, March 11, 2011

Another year older

Once again I have been absent. I am trying as much as I can to be busy with the things I love which is my art along with the boys stuff. Nick went straight into track season from wrestling and Jared has been working out with friends. My belly dance classes has ceased for now as my instructor is getting her new studio ready so I will be taking yoga classes starting the 15th which I am very excited to start.

Also have been busy in the house:
I cleared out the area by my patio doors downstairs for another art space. My art room is pretty but only big enough for it to be my beading station and office area. So I moved all my painting supplies downstairs where I can take full advantage of the natural sunlight. For now it looks bare since I just started down there.

Before picture when cleared-the other side is our entertainment area and the doorway leads to the stairs.

Looking a little more like a working space.

I cannot wait to create more and mostly when the sun will shine through the doors. The weather here has been so dreary that today is the first day I have seen sun and its not raining!

My early birthday presents from Bo came in and I couldn't wait and opened them up last night.:) I love it! Its more art books and 2 of them I have been waiting to have and a Vera Bradley tote bag to carry my sketchbook and art supplies in when I journal on the go. :)

I love how he really thinks of what I need and want and even if it may be simple gifts to most people its from the heart and he knows its the little things I get all excited about. :)

So not sure what the plan is for my birthday yet. Its hard to celebrate it without him here. I know the boys and I will go out to dinner but maybe I will have the day of my birthday a chill out do nothing day.
It is also hard to celebrate with all the tragic world events going on which I wanted to assure everyone our families and friends in Japan and Hawaii are okay, but I am grateful for another year given to me to live my life.

Well just wanted to let everyone know I am still around. About to spend tonight with my favorite group of people. :)


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Well, Bo has great taste.. I love that tote..BTW is that Nick's gf? :-)
Many more happy birthdays, the next one I want to see Bo in that photo!.

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Yes the tote is a Vera Bradley. :) And the art books are to inspire me to continue on with my creativity. :) Yes that is Nick's girlfriend. :)And I cannot wait until Bo comes home. We should know in June when he is headed back.