Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happenings around here....

The cooler weather and rain has arrived. The leaves are slowly changing to accept the new season to come.

Bo is gone again but should be home soon. I know I dealt with a deployment but for some reason even if this absence is not that long it feels like forever before I finally pick him up from the airport. As usual when he leaves my to do list grows and my calendar filled. But I try to take things day by day and prioritize what is important.

Snippets of happenings around here....


Immersing myself in Jane's online workshop. I have started my projects but haven't had the time to upload them yet and will hopefully soon.

Our first homework challenge..

Flowers for the porch to welcome the cooler weather.

Enjoying the fall wildflowers in bloom in our neighborhood.

Happy Fall....October is just around the corner.

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Susan Stevenson said...

The leaves are off the trees here. Wish you were here to go moose *hunting* with. They seem to be coming out of hiding now that it's time to fatten up for winter.

Miss you! xoxoxo