Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello!! I am back!

April 21, 2012
I hope everyone has been having a great start of the year. I know it's practically halfway through. I can't believe it is already April! Our family has not only been busy as usual but so much has hit us that I honestly wasn't motivated to write about it, but spring is in the air and hope for new beginnings or a brighter future is in the horizon. Hopefully little by little I can get you all updated.

First things first with the family...

Boys have been succeeding in school. Both went to State for wrestling and had a great season. It was emotional for me knowing that Nick's last match at State was going to be the last time I ever see him wrestle and it was the last time he shared the mat with his brother. Nick is graduating this year and we are so proud of him because he was awarded a scholarship from Western Kentucky University. All the hard work of keeping outstanding grades and actually making school important paid off. Jared is also doing great and is looking forward to his senior year. I am proud of both of them for still doing well despite all our military moves and all the events that have impacted our household from Bo's deployment to deaths in the family.

Boys at Ft. Knox Invitational (Nick took 3rd, Jared took 4th)

Regionals-Nick took 3rd and Jared took 4th both qualified for State.

Our 2012 State Qualifiers

Good luck collage made for the boys.

Our Family at Spring Wrestling banquet 2012

Our 2012 Central Hardin HS Varsity Team

Boys and their Coaches.

Nick's Senior Collage

Collages I made for the Coaches.

This March a year and a couple days to the day of celebrating my Mother in Law's anniversary my Father in law passed away. It was very emotionally for us and I know hit Bo hard, that is now both parents gone. We rushed down to the coast to make sure all was done right for the funeral and to be a part of it. I didn't think my kids would be pallbearers this young but I know they were proud to carry the casket of a wonderful man. The only thing that gets us through is the thought that he is now with Mom, but that doesn't mean we do not miss them both dearly.

The last picture the boys took with their grandparents.

We will miss you dearly Dad. Charles Coffell Sr. 8-19-1942 to 3-24-2012

Updates on me..
I am still a busy Mom. Making collages for our seniors and handing Cd's to the kids of pictures I take throughout the season. I am still going to college to attain my certification in the billing section of the health field and will continue on to attached that degree to my Bachelor's working towards my Master's. My night classes are late at night online due to taking the classes from University of Alaska Southeast in Sitka but I make it work and carry a 4.0 right now. I will actually be ending this semester in less than a month and starting a new class in May for the summer.

Besides all that I have been busy taking online workshops! I started the year with Misty Mawn's Open Studio and I am still working through some of her assignments. She was such a breath of fresh air and such an inspiration. The workshop itself was filled with such supportive and creative people that I wish one day we can finally meet.

I then went on to take Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive You Workshop and was immersed and so taken by not only Flora but her work and her approach to painting. I am still in the middle of working on two of my canvases and will be sharing my progression soon.

Then I just ended a Journal workshop with Judy Wise who not only showed us great techniques but was my lifesaver when we traveled to Mississippi's Gulf Coast for my Father in law's death. Without my journal I probably would have lost my sanity. LOL! Now it is a common daily ritual to write or visual journal everyday.

I have more workshops in the near future and excited because one of them will be working with jewelry. :) I will be sure to keep you posted on those. I am very thankful for the internet when it comes to these online workshops because with my lifestyle right now I can't travel to every retreat so being able to do a workshop in the comfort of my own home has been really nice.

Well I will not drown you with all this writing, I will slowly share with you all my art progressions. :) I am happy to be back and look forward to a better rest of the month for my family. We have so much to be grateful for and so many positive things in the near future to look forward to.

Bo and I April 2, 2012

My handsome guys.
I hope you stop by and say hello. I sure have missed coming on here.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

good to read up on all that you and your family are doing... your boys are now men!... btw I have a pot of those bleeding hearts! they're so easy to grow...

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you Chris for coming by. Hope all is well with you. Hugs!