Saturday, April 25, 2009

New pieces...

It has been a hectic week and being busy will not end until school is done for the boys. Both boys run track for their schools and are also in other clubs and events. Today is one of those crazy days. My younger son is up at the university to compete with his team for Project Citizen. Yesterday he had a track meet in the midst of snow flurries. My eldest will be competing today in track for his HS.
Nick last weekend.

Jared @LHS

Yes I do try to find time to do my jewelry but it would be nice to have a whole day where I do not leave the house at all and am able to dedicate time to my work.

I have been working to integrate metal with glass. Whenever Bo has a chance to make me more beads then I can keep on going with my ideas. So far here are a few new pieces I created.
Lampwork glass beads and sterling silver hoops hammered for texture.

Sterling silver and copper earrings.

I am still experimenting with my Precious Metal Clay and hope to show what I have progressed with soon.

I see the sun out. Praying it is not windy at the track.

Have a great weekend!!


Cheri-Beri said...

I like the way you used the metal with the glass beads in the earrings :-)

Chrissy said...

love the silver and copper... are they the same size as the blue beaded ones i bought from you? if so. i'd like to buy them... aww heck. i WANT TO BUY THEM!. LOL
Abby, Jared is definitely going to be taller I can see it in the picture.. His arms are long!.