Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Birthday Weekend!! :)

So so sorry I have not been around. Life just got a bit busy around here. And every time I want to sit down and write I am summoned by one of my boys to help on homework or their new schedule. But I am okay with that. :)

Many things has happened lately. One I feel a lot better and every day gain the energy I need to be productive, not that I am not in the first place but you know it feels good to be productive. Two I just celebrated my 39th birthday.

My birthday fell on Saturday the 13th of March and I was excited because I knew we would be heading into Louisville. My first present from my wonderful family and awesome husband was a class at the Kentucky Arts and Crafts Museum. It was one of their Saturday workshops. The one I was taking was from a metalsmithing artist Sharon Major. She was going to show how to work with metals to be able to make a Celtic necklace and she would provide the pendant. Most of the skills she was teaching I already knew but its always nice to take a workshop and learn more and also meet others that enjoy the same things you do. So I was very excited that morning to head on into Louisville.



Saturday, March 13th from Noon-4pm

Create your own Celtic jewelry just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Workshop participants will learn skills such as cleaning and preparing wire, making jump rings, hammering techniques, and creating clasps. Five different types of jewelry links will be demonstrated and taught. Finish things off with Celtic charm handcrafted by the instructor to create a marvelous Celtic necklace!

Sharon took a metal smithing class to relieve stress and fell in love with manipulating metal to create works of art. She calls on her years of teaching science to middle-schoolers in her metal smithing -- the melting points of metals, the chemistry of color changes and the exchange of electrons in gold and silver. Many of her designs are inspired by nature. Now retired from teaching, she devotes full time to her jewelry making business, which she calls Frog Hollow Creations. She has traveled the country to study with nationally known artists such as Valentin Yotkov, Cynthis Eid and Ann Hollerbach. She is one of the few artists in the area to work with corrugating silver and to practice the ancient art of chasing and repoussage.

While I was taking the class Bo and the boys will be headed to the Frazier Arms Museum then the Science Center. It was a nice time for Bo and the boys to spend together. :)

I was then dropped off and I had some time to kill so I took some pictures in the gallery adjacent to the classroom we will be working in.

The view of Main St. from the 3rd floor. I love the architecture of the buildings.

Artwork from the gallery

The classroom

The instructor took a picture of me when I came up to the main table to work on a few pieces. My table was the one behind me.

I truly enjoyed the class, met an artist and also met other ladies that were really friendly and creative.

Here is my finished piece.

After my class the boys and Bo picked me up and we headed towards Bardstown Rd in an area neighborhood called the Highlands. They have many neat and eclectic shops, galleries and restaurants. We didn't realize they had a parade there so we ended up parking half a mile away from the restaurant we were headed to. It was okay though because it was a nice walk and we just love the energy of the hustle and bustle in such a small area.

I was taken to Ditto's Grille and the service was awesome and the food delicious and of course what made it even better was my company. :)

The boys...

Bo and I

Our dinners

Mine was chicken carbonara...yummy

Jared was crab stuffed shrimp

Nick his normal burger

Bo a bbq chicken pizza

The server gave me my choice of dessert on the house and so we were stuffed when we left.

At home I opened my cards from the boys and Bo and we had cake. And yes all three of them sang happy birthday to me. LOL! Most of my presents were coming in the mail. Bo ordered me more tools for my bench and other art supplies. I opened my parents presents sent to me the night before.

I had a great birthday celebration and I owe it all to my wonderful husband and boys who totally knew how to make my day special. :)


Chrissy said...

Abby, I see u have gotten creative again!. Love that latest piece... BTW all of u look so happy and rested... U definitely look at peace...The boys look like they have grown again!. wow.. u and bo must be very proud.

Abi said...

Happy belated birthday - you looked to be having a great time. So glad you took photos of those wonderful buildings - I miss looking at 'historic' buildings - have you been to England?

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Chrissy thank you! Yes the boys have grown. Jared just keeps on getting taller and taller. LOL!

Abi thank you so much. And thanks for passing by. No I have never been to England. I would love to travel Europe. My Mom's side is Filipino and Spanish my grandfather is originally from Spain and came to the Philippines to live. My husband is trying to get Italy for his last years in the Army. We'll see.