Monday, March 8, 2010

A Trip into Bardstown, Kentucky on February 27, 2010

Hi I am back. :) Well at least I hope so. I am feeling a bit better but still not out of the woods. I was put on antibiotics and given a steroid shot, for the most part it has helped. My fevers went away and I do have a little bit more energy which if you know me well I take advantage of, but the two lymph nodes under my jaw and chin are still swollen. :( It went down dramatically but they are still there. The ones on my neck are gone.

Last week I had a dental appointment so that they could take x-rays of my teeth and jaw area so that they can see if I have any dental infection going on. That day was stressful for me since I have anxiety over seeing dentists and orthodontists but this new dentist was so personable and his staff was so patient and kind to me. The x-rays showed healthy jaws and teeth except a little cavity that will be taken cared of the end of this month. So we are still stumped on how I could have become so sick in such a short period of time and yet no one knows the cause. :( My follow up appointment with the ENT doctor is this week, so hopefully if they do blood work maybe they can at least try to answer some of our questions. Thank you for those of you thinking of me, it means a lot to me.

So as I became a little better and Bo and the boys were antsy to drive out of town and get out of the house. We had pretty weather until the day we drove out of course. LOL! It was snowing again and the skies were dreary but that did not stop us. On a whim we decided to drive to Barsdstown, KY Bourbon capital. :) We have been there before, a long time ago but was never able to really walk around and enjoy the area. This time we came too late also and was able to only walk into one shop before they closed but it was nice to get out of the house and see the scenery.

On the drive there we saw barns with painted quilts on it. One of our projects will be to look for these barns and take pictures of all the different designs. It started off in Ohio where a lady wanted to honor her Mother and painted the quilt on her barn. Now the little "grass roots" movement spread and Ohio, Tenessee, Kentucky, Iowa and Indiana have painted barns. These barns are to promote getting people out into the country, the love of the land and honoring family. I think this will be such a great excuse to drive out and find these barns on the weekends. :)
Here is an example of one but this is not my picture.

Painted Quilt on Barn

As we neared the town of Bardstown we passed some buildings that we were not familiar with and were told they were distileries. I saw some really neat photo opportunities that showcased just how neat and eerie these places looked but we couldn't stop on the highway to be able to do so. :( But we did drive up and find areas for us to at least look at them a little closer.

Bourbon is what Bardstown is known for. And here are list taken off the tourism web site of the different distilleries around.


In Bardstown, the Bourbon Capital of the World®, you have many opportunities to enjoy a hands-on tour and Sample our Spirit at one or more distilleries. Surround yourself in our Bourbon Heritage and see why Bardstown is to bourbon what Napa Valley is to wine.

Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage CenterHeaven Hill Distilleries
Bourbon Heritage Center
1311 Gilkey Run Road, Bardstown 502-337-1000.
Through interactive exhibits explore the birth of bourbon, the role of whiskey-making pioneers and the bourbon-making process. View the "Portrait of Heaven Hill" movie, tour a rickhouse, and enjoy a tutored bourbon tasting. Create a keepsake personalized bottle.

Historic Tom Moore Distillery -
1792 Bourbon Heaven Hill Distilleries Bourbon Heritage Center
300 Barton Rd., Bardstown
Oct.-May, Free extensive tours; Jun.-Sept., free abbreviated tours; Mon.- Fri., 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Tour the best-kept secret in Kentucky at the only full distillery tour in Bardstown. Must be 21 and able to walk stairs. Reservations required.

Jim BeamJim Beam American Outpost
Hwy. 245, Clermont, 502-543-9877.
Learn about six generations of Beam distillers. Visit the home that Jim Beam's son, T. Jeremiah Beam, built in 1911, view an authentic moonshine still believed to be the oldest in America, and learn about barrel making at the cooperage museum.

Kentucky Bourbon Festival
One Court Square, Bardstown, 502-348-3623.
Each September Bardstown plays host to this celebration for the ages. The six-day festival is highlighted by bourbon tastings, black-tie affairs, arts & crafts, bourbon-related cooking schools and contests, and plenty of good music for everyone.

Makers MarkMaker's Mark Distillery
3350 Burk's Springs Rd., Loretto, 270-865-2099.
Tour this lovingly restored distillery, now a National Landmark. Your behind-the-scenes look at this operating distillery takes you through the bourbon-making process from beginning to end. Dip your own bottle into the famous red wax.

Spalding HallThe Oscar Getz Museum
of Whiskey History
114 N. Fifth Street, Bardstown,
A 50-year collection of rare whiskey artifacts dating from pre-colonial days to post-Prohibition days. The museum features rare antique bottles, a moonshine still, advertising art, novelty whiskey containers. A definite stop for bourbon enthusiasts.

Chapeze HouseChapeze House,"Kentucky's Home for Bourbon"
Bourbon Tasting
107 E. Stephen Foster Ave., Bardstown; 502-507-8338 or 800-704-4917. Taste Ultra-Premium Bourbon from each Kentucky distillery. Dine upon Kentucky Bourbon inspired Southern cuisine. 6:30 Bourbon Tasting, 8:00 Dinner. Outdoor seating available. Call for reservations.

Meet The Colonel and Margaret Sue, Kentucky personalities featured on the Food Network TV with Paula Deen, Travel Channel and Fine Living Channel. A tour of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is not complete until you have made a reservation to drink Kentucky Bourbon with The Colonel and dine upon a dinner prepared by Margaret Sue at the Chapeze House, "Kentucky's Home for Bourbon."

Other Area Distilleries and Bourbon-Related Attractions

Four Roses Distillery. Lawrenceburg, 502-839-3436
Blanton's Distillery. Frankfort, 502-223-9874
Brown-Forman. Louisville, 502-774-7000
Buffalo Trace Distillery. Frankfort, 502-696-5926
Heartland of KY Decanters and Steins.
Lebanon Junction, 502-833-2827
Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg, 502-839-4544

Additional Links

- Malt Advocate Whisky Magazine
- Whiskey Magazine

Bo and I are hoping to partake in the Bourbon Trail tour sometime this summer. My favorite bourbon is Maker's Mark and I am hoping to dip my own bottle and keep it as a memorabilia.

As we came nearer to the downtown area we were delighted to see people walking around and enjoying the quaint town despite the weather. We parked and took pictures and stopped into a boutique called At Mary's. I love how the stores mix vintage antiques with modern art and collectibles. I always feel like I am in a candy store when I walk into places like this. We were only able to enjoy one store but we saw there are many more to come back to as the weather gets warmer and we have more time.
I only took a couple snapshots in the store feeling awkward doing so but their set ups were so pretty and neat I couldn't pass it up. Believe it or not the boys actually like stores like this and even show me the art they like. :)

At Mary's

At this particular store there was a dress form near the counter with jewelry hanging off it. I have always wanted a dress form in my little art room and I have been having a hard time finding one. Anyway there were pendants that caught my eye and I had to get two of them. They were from a company called Pick up Sticks. Here are the two pendants I bought and love wearing.

The front side of the pendants:

The backside of the pendants:

After leaving the store we walked around and took pictures of the area and other neat boutiques to visit in the future.

This is the Talbot Tavern Inn. Bo took me here for dinner on one of our anniversaries when we were here in the area over 6 years ago.

Bardstown is a really neat area full of history. If you want to know more about it here is the link to the tourism page. Bardstown, Kentucky Tourism

By now we were hungry and the boys were begging to go to Rocky's Grille which Bo has been craving also. This was always our favorite restaurant. It is located across the Ohio River from Louisville, KY in Jeffersonville, Indiana. So we decided instead of going back out of the town and hitting the interstate we would take a local road into Louisville which was the historic Bardstown Road. We wanted to see the section in Louisville called the Highlands off this road full of little boutiques, galleries and restaurants.

The Highlands was a happening place when we drove through and so we made a note to take the time to go and explore the area on another day. :) We then continued on to downtown Louisville and across the bridge to Indiana to exit 0 where the restaurant was. We had a 45 minute wait but as we sat down and had our dinner we totally enjoyed the service, the food and just the time we have together as a family. It was a great day despite the weather.

Rocky's Grille-Bo's favorite restaurant. :)

After dinner we took the time to take some pictures of Louisville across the Ohio River. It is always a beautiful skyline at night. :)

Indiana also has places we want to explore. One that was here across the river is the Ohio Falls State Park. We had brought the kids there when they were younger but now it would be neat to bring them back and hike the trails by the river to look for fossils. :) There is so much to do in every state and we try to always explore and enjoy. You only live your life once. :)

The evening was a nice end to finally being able to get out of the house. Everyone was content after coming home. I am always grateful that Bo and the boys and I enjoy the same things in life. I will miss the boys when they head of to college. That is actually coming up way too soon for us. :(

Hope you have a great Monday and hope you enjoyed the trip with us through the pictures. :)


Chrissy said...

Hey Abby,
Love the tour and your night shots are great...btw, was your thyroid checked out? my mom was swollen as well in the same area.. she eventually had hers taken out.,

Susan Stevenson said...

Gorgeous photos, Abby, and I'm excited about your touring the quilt barns! They were so lovely in NC when we visited.

I love those pendants. My friend in MA makes them from antique music sheets and old watch pieces. She is quite successful in selling them!

Enjoy exploring your new home. I look forward to more photos.

Miss you!!! xoxoxo

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Chrissy yes they have checked my thyroid and they would have seen something on the CT scan Bo said if anything was wrong. But other than all the abnormally large and swollen lymph nodes everything else was fine.

Susan I cannot wait to look for the barns around here and maybe some covered bridges. :) Miss you lots.

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

I hope your Dr appointment next week goes well, you have to get better already! :) Looks like you had a great day in Barsdstown. Your pictures were gorgeous!...I used to visit my cousin in Lousville...such a beautiful place in the Spring and Summer!! Oh!...I want to thank you (over and over) for telling me about that website with the dressforms!!! They are great! I am going to go drool over them some more now and pick out a favorite! :) Have a good week!

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Cassandra I am so glad you liked the link I shared with you. I loved all her dress forms and the artistic touch she puts on them and one day hope to own one. :) Thanks, my appt is actually tomorrow and Bo has a day off to come with me. I hate needles but I know they will probably draw blood. :( I just want to feel better. I have my good days and bad. Spring is nearing and I want to work on my garden-its clay out there right now. I want to be able to have the energy to do so. If you ever happen to visit Louisville let us know we will meet you there. :)Enjoy your day. :)

Kristin Summerlin said...

Abby, I tried to comment on this a couple of weeks ago but it didn't go through. I hope they've figured out what was wrong ~ or better yet, that it went away. If not, please ask to see a rheumatologist. Some of the symptoms you describe are oh so familiar to me, with my autoimmune disorder.

I love your work, as always, and really have enjoyed all the photos. It's almost break-up here, but it can never match spring in Appalachia. Very homesick for Tennessee.

Please keep in touch... Tried to email you but only had your acs addy. xoxo