Sunday, April 18, 2010

Been busy with gardening :)

So sorry that I have been away. :) I have been busy. Bo actually got some days off this week and so we have been constantly back and forth to Lowe's and the local nurseries around here to pick up the flowers and all the things to landscape my front yard. Today,I finally potted the last flowers since it wasn't that hot and Bo was at work anyways, and will hopefully mulch tomorrow.

Couple other big things happening...Nick had a track meet Tuesday and did great on his 400m and 800m runs. Jared had a wrestling tournament this weekend and placed 3rd but wasn't so happy with it because he was robbed a pin from the ref. :( But he watched the video and saw his throws and was happy with that at least. :) I think he will do better as the time comes.

Also we came home with a new puppy. :) Her name is Kaia which means rare beauty. Bo named her. :) And she is a 7wk old Pittbull/Staffordshire terrier mix. She is the cutest thing but yes we are strict and training her to potty right and crate training her at night. The boys have been good about keeping her with them when I am busy.

So as you can see so much has happened since my last post. I promise to share pictures of the puppy but for now will leave you with some flower pictures from this week. :)


Bleeding Hearts

More flowers to pot. :)

Japanese Maple

Asiatic Lily

Calla Lily



Mixture of flowers

As more flowers come to my garden I will be sure to share. :) I hope you all had a great weekend and now a great start to your week.

Now off to check on the boys and the puppy, get cleaned and make the boys Dirty Rice for dinner with some Garlic biscuits. :)


Chrissy said...

u have posted two of my faves.. bleeding hearts (which we can't have in this valley- weather reasons) and japanese maple!.omg, those are so expensive... beautiful!.

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

The Bleeding hearts I love too and waited to be back here to have them. :) I actually saw it a grocery store here called Kroger for not a bad price. The Japanese Maple was expensive but the local nursery had them for 40% off we couldn't pass it up. Plus landscaping our yard does better for our house to sell in the future. :) I should send you pics through email. :)

Abi said...

Lovely photos! I want to see some puppy pictures next!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and will definately keep you posted if I need you to go treasure hunting! :O) I'd like to go with you actually!! LOL
Hope you have a good week
Abi x

ziggy stardust said...

your pictures are beautiful! what camera do use? i havent had time for my photogtaphy since i've been busy with my dolls. gosh! theres never enough time!

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Ziggy I go back and forth between my Canon Powershot Point and Shoot and my Canon Rebel XTI. I am hoping to upgrade soon though. I know I am always busy but people make fun of me that my camera is attached to my hands. :) I wish I could spend more time in artistic photography but maybe when the boys are all grown up. :)