Friday, April 9, 2010

My first doll Maya and trip to Bowling Green, KY

Finally I finished my cloth and clay doll Maya. I am so proud of myself that I followed through and finished her despite my insecurities in this new medium. I think she is pretty cute myself. :)

Bo has been having crazy schedules switching from days to night shifts then days again. And figures it happens on the week the kids have Spring Break. Hopefully next week he will have some days. This is the reason why when he does have time with us we are either traveling or trying to spend as much quality time as a family together.

On those times though at night when I can't sleep I work on some of the projects floating in my head. :)

The other night this is what came out of one of those moments.

Last Saturday on a whim we ended up in Bowling Green, KY (about 90 miles away)where we used to live about 4 years ago. We went downtown and see the square we so miss, and eat at a Bosnian restaurant that we always frequented called the Brickyard Cafe. We were so delighted that our server Dino remembered who we were and that my favorite drink was a Midori Margarita that he makes. :) It was a nice afternoon then we went and watched "The Clash of the Titans" then headed home. I miss living there, at least now we are only a drive away. This is where my art took off and my jewelry was featured in Gallery 916.

The Square

A little history of Brickyard Cafe from their web site.

In 1995, the owners of the Brickyard Cafe left war-torn Yugoslavia to start a new life in the United States. Zeljko "Jake" Simic was a restaurateur in Bosnia, and Robert Stupar was a baker in Croatia. After meeting in Bowling Green, they dreamed of owning a restaurant where they could share part of their culture with their new friends and neighbors.

The charming historic house at 1026 Chestnut Street, in the heart of historic downtown, provided the perfect place to realize that dream. Built by Harrison Barner around 1857, the solid brick house has been a brickyard and a private residence.

After purchasing the house in 1997, Jake and Robert spent a year renovating the building themselves. Their desire to add European charm to one of Bowling Green's oldest structures is evident in the decorative arches and cedar canopies. The tile tables are reminiscent of Jake's restaurant in Bosnia.

Brickyard Cafe

My delicious Midori Margarita. :)

Nick's Calzone

Well today is sunny but windy. Allergies has hit this household and we are all on Zyrtec and Patinol eye drops. I hope it doesn't last but I do love how my yard went from clay to beautiful green grass that now needs to be mowed. LOL! I am planting my seeds today and hopefully will be just the right size before I transplant them in the ground. Hopefully I will also be working on other projects. That's if I don't end up with a house full of teenage boys.

My goal is to create may not be finished in one day but just to create always gives me a reason to enjoy a day no matter how it started or what happens throughout it.:P


Jans Gourds said...

Oh Yum!!! It all looks good, especially the Medori Margarita.
Kentucky is beautiful. I went to Louisville in the 70's and the fireflys in the trees at night just brought tears to my eyes. It was so beautiful.
Are you Ziggy too. I am confussed.

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Jans no I am not Ziggy. :)
Kentucky is beautiful in many ways. We always take a trip up to Louisville and hopefully this summer we will travel to Lexington. I am originally from Alaska so the beauty here is much different.:) But I like the weather here. Thank you for passing by my page. :)

Cheri-Beri said...

Look at you sewing away like that!! It's not that hard, is it?? And your doll is adorable!

The Midori margarita . . . . might have to look that one up as I have some Midori on hand!

Susan Stevenson said...

Your doll is so beautiful, and such a lovely expression of your talent and personality! I'm glad you're enjoying this new way of expressing yourself.

I love your painting/sculpture/decoupage (I don't know how else to describe it!) too. I know you'll find a beautiful place in your home for it.

I'm glad you're revisiting those places that you and your family loved when you lived there last. The photos are gorgeous and all the colors of the flowers makes me wish that spring and summer would just GET HERE ALREADY!!!

Thank you for sharing. :) Miss you much! xoxoxox

Abi said...

I love your first doll... will never believe she is your first! will there be a second? hope so :O)

The photos are great by the way... more lovely buildings to drool over, or should I be drooling over the Midori margarita!!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog too.... I appreciate them :O)
have a good Sunday :O)

Marijke said...

Hi! i promised a while a go to visit your blog and her I am.
Just finf your doll on Cloth And Clay Dolls,she's very beautiful!
But the painting too!Do you know already where you're going to hang it?

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Hi Marijke! :) Thanks for passing by! I actually have my doll sitting on my living room accent table with her legs dangling off. :) I am working on our new challenge doll *the bird doll* but I have been sidetracked with working in my garden and dealing with a new puppy so hopefully I have some time this week to keep on going with the dolls. :)

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Cheri, Susan and Abi thank you so much for all your commets. It totally made my night. :)