Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Kaiah to our family

This last Saturday after Jared's wrestling tournament, Bo and I and Nick went back out to take a look at some puppies. We had the owners email us some pictures but we really wanted to see them in person to be able to see their personalities and their mannerisms around each other.

We went out there and took a look and let Bo and Nick decide. They happen to like the same one I did. So we left picked up puppy things and came back to pick her up.

Welcome Kaiah(rare beauty)to our family. :) She is a 7wk old Rednosed Pittbull mixed with American Staffordshire Terrier. Her mother was a beautiful brindle dog and was so sweet to us. We picked her because she seemed very calm compared to the other puppies. But of course a puppy is a puppy and from the start we already started training her and we are crate training her at night and bringing her to different functions so she can get used to people and different sounds and smells. Our downfall in the past was not socializing our dogs or already buying one with issues. She was too young to learn to much bad habits so we are trying to instill the good ones in her now. So no matter how cute she can look, we have to stand our ground. Like Ceasar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) says "You have to be the calm assertive pack leader."

So without further ado....her is Kaiah.......

The day we brought her home.

Look how little she is.

In her bed

After a couple days in our home. Playing outside.

Spotted a butterfly

Sneaking up on it.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. It has been busy in this household and now with her the days are a blur. It is seriously like having a toddler in the house. I have to keep her in my art room in her bed if I want to get things done without worrying about her loose in my house. She is potty training well compared to other dogs we have had but we still have to be persistent and watch her mannerisms because she does try to tell us in doggy language she needs to go.

Enjoy and have a great day.....


Chrissy said...

Cesar lives in my valley! btw, taking on a dog w/issues is very hard...Abby what language is Kaiah from? She is adorable. chocolate brown and those eyes!...what a sweetie

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

I love watching Cesar's shows. :) And we go to his website all the time. Yes Belle had issues with the boys and Bo. :( And remember Bo's patience ran thin and it was 3 to 1 so that is why we don't have her anymore. But she is with a loving family of other Boston's and girls in the household. I saw her before we moved and she still remembered me.

Bo named Kaiah and in fact I was spelling it wrong for a couple days. LOL! He said it was Native American for rare beauty.

They say she will turn more red as she gets older and her eyes will stay that green shade. :) She will be a bigger dog than what we are used to so we are really training her now.

Chrissy said...

She is a rare beauty!... btw just a heads up.. mY vet told me that terriers are notorious for allergies... yep, scratching... and since yours is a mixed breed, hopefully it will be very minimal..We had a Cairn and omg... it wasn't fun... I can see Kaiah has won your hearts.. she's a sweetie...