Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 18, 2010 Celebrating 17 years of marriage

Our days have been busy but what I do love about my husband is that no matter what day of the week our anniversary may land on he always makes sure it is still a special day. Tuesday was busy with the day being filled with errands and Nick's track meet. But Bo still found a way for us to celebrate our anniversary. We had very great friends make sure Nick got home from practice so that we can enjoy our night and Jared was the babysitter for Kaiah our puppy.

We ended up at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse in Louisville which is over 40miles away from our house but we had a great evening full of great food and compaby. But before those pictures here are some past pictures to share.

When Bo and I first met and we went hiking out at Granite Tors in Chena Hot Springs Rd Fairbanks, Aaska. He was 19 I was 22. Excuse my hair. LOL! We met became best friends and in less than 6 months said yes to him. Married right after that. In May 18, 1993 then had our church wedding in Sept. 11, 1993.

Little did I know this was a start to an adventure into my life. :)

Wedding party 1993

My 23rd birthday we have been married only 6 months.

Our celebration dinner at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse in Louisville. Celebrating 17 years.
The Galt House in Louisville

Entrance to restaurant

The inside

What was waiting on our table.

The booth across from us

More pictures inside

Outside pics after dinner

My handsome love.

Here is the link to the restaurant.

The restaurant was a bit ritzy but I think we deserved a little splurge after 17 years. :) It was an enjoyable evening and it felt good to talk about our future and our next chapter in life when the kids are off to college. I really did marry my best friend. :)


Susan Stevenson said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more decades of love and adoration!

Susan & Steve

Chrissy said...

I remember your anniversary post last year and the year before!. Lovely photos of not only the restaurant but of your wedding...Time has flown hasn't it?
Your hair has certainly grown!.And you two are worth that ritzy place..

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you so much Susan and Chrissy. It has been an adventure and hopefully more fruitful years to come. :)