Monday, May 3, 2010

Weathered the storms....

WOW! I totally forgot how it was like to live in a place that gets storms! Not a drizzling rain like we did in Alaska. We are talking strong winds, down pour of rain that practically drowned my poor flowers and tornado warnings and flash flood warnings. This weekend was one of those experiences. And yet today it is gorgeous out with the sun shining bright.

Sunday we woke up to tornado sirens and got everyone ready just in case. Thankfully it was downgraded to a watch and nothing touched down. Later on that day the rain slacked off a bit so we figured we could go out and get the grocery for the week to come. Well that was a mistake. A part of our neighborhood goes downhill and little did we know that the water piled up to flood most of the roads. We had to get through and some parts were not bad until we were getting close to the exit to the highway and we pased an overflowed creek. I took pictures with my cell phone and videos and frantic I sent them to my family in Alaska all freaked out that there was this much water. Today that same road is dry as anything. But unfortunately we have friends in Bowling Green, KY whose neighborhoods are so flooded they did not have school today and most of you have probably seen the news on the effects of that storm on parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Here are a couple of the pictures I took from my cell phone yesterday.

See how deep the water is? And we have a Yukon XL that sits high and yet you can see the water over our hood.

After we got through we had to take pictures at the other end.

More pictures.

We are okay. We had to find a different route home so that we did not go through that again. Today the sun came out and pretty much dried everything as if the storms did not pass through in the first place.

I had to go through my flowers and deadhead them and clean up all the mess the rain did to my little garden along with the mess all the birds made eating up 3 bird feeders worth of food. LOL!

On another note we have been enjoying watching Nick run track. He now runs the 400m, 800m and the mile. His first competitive mile he did great and this last Friday he actually ran in an Invitational(varsity runners run these races not JV) and he did so well on his 800m that he placed. :) Tomorrow night we have another All Comers meet and he should do well again. He is going to run cross country instead of play football this year so this fall season will be so different for us.

Here are a couple action shots of him. Most of the time his race is when the sun is setting. :( They do not start track meets here until the early evening compared to early morning in Alaska.

Every time I go to the races I am so inspired by the kids. I know I need to take running back up and now that I have been training Kaiah to walk on a leash she may end up being my running partner soon. :)

So here is a picture of her to end this entry with. :)


Abi said...

Wow - I have never experienced floods like that.... good luck with the running... and oh what a gorgeous pup you have!!! I guess I need to take some more photos of mine too!
Have fun :O)

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you Abi. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)