Thursday, May 27, 2010

Proud of my boys.....

The last month of school always seem to be the busiest time of the year! Besides them getting ready for finals (which thankfully my kids are not taking because of their grades and attendance) we have Award Ceremonies and Banquets. We are also in the middle of track season with Nick running in Regionals this Saturday to try to qualify for State. So Bo and and I will be working the gate in the morning then watching the rest of the races.

Last night was the Wrestling Banquet for the HS here. It was bittersweet for the boys knowing that they wouldn't get much except being recognized as being part of the team because we came in halfway through their season but also missing the team they left in Alaska that was so proud of them. They both lettered for LHS and was awarded that before we moved since both wrestled Varsity, which now I wish we did in a different time then Nick would have had a chance to show everyone his skills in state. But unfortunately it didn't work out that way and so instead they had to adapt to being new kids on a new team. But despite being this far away Coach Bockert has shown our kids that he is always going to be their coach no matter how far away we are, always making sure they are doing okay, along with our Tanana Coaches-Hull, Wimer and Brown who also keep in touch with the boys. Now I really wonder if moving away from such a supportive group was the right thing to do. But it is the military life and despite having to start all over here and gain the friendship and trust of others again we have to just follow through. Although this time around Bo is making sure we do not move them again until after they have both graduated from HS.

So with that said you can imagine the stress of changing school systems. Both kids were not just honor roll kids but are a grade above their peers and Bo and I had to fight to keep them in those classes when we moved here. So Jared's class for math is with juniors and seniors and Nick is also the same with his math and he is in Chemistry where here you have to be a junior. We fought to keep him in and I am glad we did because he has the highest score in the class and is only a sophomore. And since Jared has already taken Biology as a freshman he will be taking AP Biology for his sophomore year. What is challenging is that the scoring system here is different an A is 92 or higher and yet both boys are in harder classes so they have to work more than most of the normal HS kids. But that hard work pays off when both were awarded today their Academic patches for honor roll grades. Nick only has one B and really its not even a B its a 90 which to them here is a B. Other than that all his years in school even Jr high he has been a 4.0 student and same with Jared.

So yes I think Bo and I have every right to brag about both of them. :) We are very blessed that despite all the moves for Bo's career and all the ups and downs in life we have endured as a family our kids have always adapted and succeeded. I pray this will continue on into their adult life.

I couldn't wait to be a Mother and now I am to two young men who are growing up so fast and will be leaving the home one after another. :( I am not sure if I am ready for that considering despite all the situations we have been put in, Bo and I have put more than 100% in raising our kids and have given unconditional love to both of them.

Well without further are the pictures of the events.

Wrestling Banquet

Jared and I

Nick and I
Wrestling Banquet

My handsome Coffell Guys. :)

Awards Day

In the midst of all this I am making more jewelry. :) I have some exciting news to share and some garden pictures in the near future. I hope you all are having a great week! :)


Cheri-Beri said...

Congratulations one and all! I'm sure next year will bring the recognition the boys deserve in wrestling :-) Can't wait to hear your exciting news and maybe see some pictures of the jewelry.

Chrissy said...

Can't get over how tall Jared is!. abby looks like u're the shortest in the family!.lol congrats to all of you...

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you Cheri and Chrissy. :)And Chrissy yes I am the shortest in the family unless I actually wear heels. :)

Susan Stevenson said...

You've both done such an excellent job with your boys. I know how proud you are of all of their wonderful accomplishments. It's because of the time and effort that you and Bo put into raising them, that they turned out to be such fine young men. And handsome - and TALL - too! You are definitely becoming the short one of the family. *grin*

Congrats to Jared and Nick!

Abi said...

Ooh, congratulations! you must be very proud :O)

Jans Gourds said...

you must be a very proud Mother. You have very handsome boys or I should say young men.
Thank you for following me on My Sanctuary but I will be closing that blog and just keeping
I hope you will follow me there. I am following you.