Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding serenity in my rock garden

The week of fall break the boys and I took away all the brown dreary looking mulch off our front garden and started clearing a way for a new rock garden. We dug up the existing plants to replant in a different location, then I planted new ornamental grasses and day lilies and put the weed barrier down.

Patiently I waited for Bo to have a day off so that we could finally order the river rock to be delivered. That happened this last Thursday and again was outside working (I should have muscles now with all the work I have put out there.LOL!)until the river rock was put in its place. The garden will be a work in progress as the seasons change. I bought decorative rock to sporadically put around the garden and will find odds and end to pop color into the yard. A gazing ball is on that list and pumpkins for this fall season. :)

As for now it is just so calming to look out my art room window and see simplicity, stability and serenity out in my garden. I have no idea what made me so connected to rocks. I have always collected them since I was little and even travel with my rocks from Alaska on every move we have made. So I don't know why I didn't pick a rock garden to begin with. Now after all the hard work it will be nice to just upkeep the new garden as needed but enjoy the benefits it will bring. :)

A little walk through the progress.......

We went to the Glendale Crossing Festival in Glendale, KY yesterday and I picked up some bronze fairies that now sit on some of my rocks. I wanted to buy more of the wrought iron pieces but I will do that in time, so I always look forward to adding more to the garden. :)

Enjoy my new garden. :)

Tonight we are headed into Louisville to watch Stomp! :) I have been excited all week about this and cannot wait to see the show. I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend. :)

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