Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping busy

As the holidays are coming close I noticed the packed parking lots of malls, department stores, Walmart, and grocery stores. I just shake my head. I already picked up things for the boys and I for our second Thanksgiving. We celebrated it before Bo left, but I wanted to still do something special for the kids, plus I want to try my hand at baking new things for dessert. :) I am also looking forward to a little bit of a break of just staying home, other than bringing the boys to their wrestling practices. I will not be out on Black Friday. I will be chilling out with my boys making hot cocoas and hopefully playing some board games together. :) I believe in buying handmade gifts and so my gifts for my family will be from local artists or from Etsy.

This last weekend was hard for us with our first wrestling event without Bo, but the boys and I did have a good weekend together. I am really trying not only to stay busy with the boys and some of the projects I am working on, but also getting others lined up for the near future. I happen to stop by Barnes and Noble last week and picked up 3 books that I know I will dive into and be inspired to do the exercises. The first book I picked up just seemed to jump out of the shelf at me. The other two I have been waiting to purchase.

The books:

Inner Excavation Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media by Liz Lamoreux.

When I first flipped through it what caught my eye was the exercises on writing and taking photos. I love to write in my journals and you all know I take pictures constantly, but to put it across in not only a creative way but also in a way to show your inner self would really be such a benefit to me. Not only will the skill be handy but it will also give me the opportunity to express myself in a much more meaningful way. I am halfway done reading the book then will turn around and re-read it with actually doing the exercises. If things like this interest you, you should pick the book up. If you want to know more about Liz and follow her blog here is her link.

52 Creative Exercises To Make Drawing Fun. Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim

I have waited to buy this book. The exercises look like fun and not intimidating like most drawing books. I don't draw too well so I think putting skills like this under my belt will be such an asset to my artwork. I cannot wait to start. If you would like to learn more about Carla here is her link.

The Collage Lab by Bee Shay

This book offers different experimental ways to make art. Not only will it be fun to do the labs but it will give me the freedom to just explore and hopefully I can learn to just let go and create without that inner critic in me interrupting my work.

I think these books will sure make the time pass and yet give me the opportunity to just lose myself to experimenting and creating.

Just sharing how Kaiah has been everyday now. She literally sits staring at the door whining. Every time she hears a truck pass by her tail is already wagging hoping it will be Bo ringing the doorbell. It just breaks my heart at times to see her like this. She is also affected by his absence and will be waiting for his return.

It is late(insomnia)..excuse if I ramble at times.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and see how I am doing. The notes and emails of support really means a lot to not only me but my family as well. Thank you!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Kaliah is really effected by his departure.. She certainly has a lot of love for him as well as for you and the boys... The first book reminds me of the same thing I am doing... I went back to taking photos more than ever and even used them on my journal pages... Yes, it does help w/the creative side for sure and it will keep u busy, I know it has for me... I'm addicted to doing a few pages a day...

Susan Stevenson said...

If you would like to leave behind a sort of autobiography for your kids and grandkids, I highly recommend this book:

Steve bought it for me 10 years ago, and I still write in it. It covers all stages of your life, so you answer the questions as you move through those periods of time. I really like it a lot, as it's simple, and you can just answer one or two questions if you don't have a lot of time.

I hope your projects keep you busy while Bo is gone. Love that you're playing with your camera too.

Susan Stevenson said...

Read the reviews though, as some of the questions ARE for older folks and their memories. Perhaps there's something similar out there that's more modern. But the concept is a really good one.

Susan Stevenson said...

Sorry to be filling your dont' have to post all of these. LOL But I found this book:

I might just have to get this journal for me and Steve too! What a treasure to pass down to your kids!