Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Filling my days with productive creativity..

Bo sent me this picture to brighten up my day. Aah if I had Dorothy's red shoes to click myself there. :)

My days have been busy with creative adventures. I started my tribal belly dancing class last Thursday and look forward to two nights a week of sharing my time with a wonderful instructor and other women who are taking the class as well. Its nice to be around others that share the same enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

The second class I am so excited to be a part of is a 5 week painting course online. We received our first assignment yesterday and inspiration today and it makes my day to see the inspiration and support from both the instructors and have a community that is supportive and creative. At the end of each week we can choose to share our work with each other and it will be nice to see what others have created and the feedback that I will also be receiving for my pieces. This is a nice step out of reality for me and keeps me focused on the things that make my world happy. :)

Besides that I have updated my Etsy site and will be sprucing up my jewelry at the gallery. Here is the link if you want to stop by and take a peek.

So my gray winter Kentucky days may be filled with color anyways. :)
Have a great week.


Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Belly dancing!? How cool! The painting class sounds good too! Very fun stuff. :)

ziggy stardust said...

hi abigail, I hope you cacn visit my blog for a very special announcement!