Saturday, February 19, 2011

State Bound!

Once again I am running after the days! This is what happens when you have two teenage boys! LOL! So I will break it up in a couple entries so it is not too much to take in. LOL! :)

Last weekend was Regions for high school wrestling and our high school was the host this year. I was busy making sure I had food for the hospitality room, my gifts for the seniors and also making sure I take pictures of our wrestlers. We were up bright and early and was at the high school all day. So I boarded Kaiah so she can play with her friends at Sam Russell's. :)

Nick competed in his weight class of 112 while Jared was one of the helpers at the tables(he did not wrestle in Regions because the Varsity in his weight class was a senior). I ran from mat to mat taking pictures and when it came time to honor our seniors and their parents I stood up with the coach to hand over my presents to them. I made collages for all 6 of our seniors as a memory to take with them. They were just simple but they loved having pictures of their hard work. :)

Jared working the clock and score.

Nick on one of his matches.

Helping Coach hand out Senior Gifts and honoring their parents.

Collage gifts to the Seniors

A few pictures of Nick wrestling.

Its a pin

Another pin.

Nick fought his way through a hard weight class and placed 4th which made him eligible to go to State. And our team took 2nd in the Region! :) I was so proud of our wrestlers that competed and also all the parents and kids that spent their whole Saturday volunteering their time to make sure our Regional Competition went well.

112 Weight Class

CHHS Bruins taking 2nd in our Region.

This week before the guys left for their road trip to state I went to the school to get some snapshots of our State team. :)
Our State bound wrestlers.

I know this road trip will be an experience to some of the wrestlers like Nick and the last for our seniors. I know they did the best they could and no matter what I am very proud of their hard work and all their accomplishments. :)

In other news, I have been busy still working on my painting for the 2nd Assignment and working on my 3rd. I am hoping to have progression pictures up soon.

Until the next time...have a great weekend!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Once again, u out did yourself in photography!. btw u look like a college kid next to those boys! i see you're letting your hair grow out, so am I... 'funny' how we're both letting it grow out!.

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you! Yes I am growing my hair out mostly my bangs. And if I put any highlights it will be the hair extensions so I do not mess up my hair anymore. LOL!