Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All About Hearts...

It has been quite a while since I have been on here. I apologize for my absence but life just gets hectic at times in this household and my priorities have to come into perspective.

A little update on the family. My husband is constantly working. 12 hour shifts do not make for any creative time. But when he has his days off and is not bothered he goes ahead and disappears in the garage into his own glass world.

The boys are busy as usual. Jared is finally done with his wrestling season at Tanana Middle School but 3 nights a week both boys go to a local high school for freestyle wrestling. Then Nick is staying after school for his track practices. Since there is still snow on the ground they run and practice inside the school.

As for me besides being a busy Mom I accomplished one of my main goals since we moved here and that was taking a metalsmithing class at the university. I enjoyed the work, the time to meet new people and of course excited over learning a new skill. I will share with you later my projects from that class. To my delight I was selected to show 2 of my pieces off at the semester Art Show and on final day I received an A for all my projects.

I am wanting to incorporate metals mostly silver and copper with my works. But shipping big tools to Alaska has been an issue when you think of the shipping prices. So for now I am settling with working with simple tools like hammers and also will embark on learning another new skill which is Precious Metal Clay.

Going on the subject of glass we have re-stocked our inventory at a local boutique called The Stash. The Stash
I have new fused pendants of spring colors both full fused and tack fused and hair pins with fused glass. Then Bo has a new line of hearts.

Hearts are not just for February and Valentines day but for anytime of the year. March to me meant more for the hearts because so many events and moments in my life made me realize how love and care really does hold relationships together. My birthday this year was a special one and I felt so loved by my family and friends. Bo must have thought the same and experimented with different glass and techniques to make his hearts. He doesn't go off a mold he free forms the glass into the shape of the heart himself.
So here are some of the new pieces we have that you can be able to find downtown at the Stash.

A custom order bracelet for a friend in California

More heart pendants and necklaces.

New fused pieces..

Hair pins

New Pendants.

A few earrings.

New Cell Phone Charms

Besides my glass works I have been working on some collages and a new painting for my living room. Also running around trying to take pictures of the local events here like the Ice Sculptures and Mushing Races. I am hoping not only to make a scrapbook on our experiences here in Alaska but also publish a coffee table book for our family of our Alaskan Experiences.

Once again I apologize for not being good at keeping up here. I will be here most of the time now to share new creations with you all.

Precious Metal Clay is on my list and I would love to share my progression through that medium.

I hope you are all having a great week and month. Hopefully spring comes soon to the Interior.

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Kristin Summerlin said...

So glad you shared the link with me. I loved seeing your work, and I hope we can get together over coffee soon. I'm starved for art talk myself. ;)

(Your photos are lovely.)