Monday, March 30, 2009

Organics and Silver

When molten glass is mixed with silver foil the reaction of the glass creates what I consider an organic look. Bo has been patiently working with that technique every chance he takes and experiments with how it reacts with different colors of glass. He also adds frit(crushed glass) and uses a reducing technique to create a more metallic look.
Here are some of the examples of what wonderful things can come out of experimentation.
Mettallic blues

Green Envy

When time is available he will experiment more with also copper foil. He made a couple beads with it but the copper was so thick it did not react right with the glass. So he will be researching that and playing more with that idea as he can.

I will be busy with working with Precious Metal Clay. Hoping to have some to share once they are fired and finished.

Ta-ta for now....


Chrissy said...

Abby, is the green more of a blue-green? Love the blue, has an antique look to it.. Can't wait to see the copper one...

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Yes the green is more of a tealish type blue green. Thanks for your comment.