Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Little Betta...

For weeks now I have been contemplating on getting a fish tank and fish. I just wanted something simple since we are moving in December and I did not want to have to give up something I put so much time and effort on since we can't ship a fish to our next duty station or take it on the plane with us.

3 days straight back and forth to Petco because it was hard to make a decision. I started off wanting a Betta because they are such hardy fish and don't need much and of course are beautiful. But then that seemed boring and we thought of the beautiful Calico Fantail Goldfish until the salesperson told us how big they get and how they cloud up the water and such. Then I wanted a Guarami but if I get that then I have to add other fish in the tank and a small one gallon tank will not be enough. We used to have a 10 gallon tank with Mollies and Tetras and it always ended up being me or Bo to clean and take care of the fish so I wanted something small this time and not too much maintenance. So disappointed I went home empty handed.

Last night when we left the kids at their practice we had to pass by Walmart to pick up some stuff and Bo reminded me of the fish again. Walmart did not have any Betta but we went ahead and bought a cheap $12 1 gallon tank and already the food then headed to Petco.

Petco recieved more Betta in and had all the little containers you can put them in. Well I have a pretty glass vase that would have done well but I wanted light on the fish so I still settled with my little tank. We looked and stayed in awe of how pretty some of the fish were and to think they come from mud puddles from places like Thailand. I finally picked a Crowntail Male Betta. The Half Moon Bettas were also gorgeous and looked liked they had flowing Ballroom dresses as they swam around.

Here is my little set up without the little guy in it yet.

My Betta has no name yet. With how much I love Twilight and their characters Bo was joking around I was going to name him Edward. I said naaaa...he is much prettier. So if you have any suggestions on what to name him please feel free to leave me a comment.

The Betta was so pretty in the tank last night and was such an entertainment for us when he realized he can see his reflection on the sides of the tank. He would flare up and display his beautiful coloration. Of course I was frustrated trying to take pictures without it being blurry. I do not like using flash and it takes away all the color so I think I took over 30 shots just trying to get a few to be able to share.

Here is the little addition to our family. My little guy. Isn't he pretty?

Looking at his own reflection.

Looking at us.

And my favorite picture of him so far.

I love animals and with us moving so much I can't really have too many. In fact I can't have a dog right now. But hopefully once we move I can.

The beautiful coloration of the Bettas inspire my work with glass....just like most of nature. What is a world without beauty from our surroundings and environment.

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