Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy being busy...busy being happy. :)

I am still diligently getting my jewelry situated for the upcoming show and happily busy preparing for it. :) I am a bit nervous but I love my work and I just hope others who pass by my booth will enjoy it too.

Here are more fused earrings and lampwork bracelets made this last week.

A sneak peek of what some of my displays will look like.

In the midst of all the working and all the other commitments we are still situating the garage as a work place for both Bo and I. The other day he found on Craigslist a work table for sale. It was a really good price but needed a little sprucing up and so he brought it home and worked on it today. Not only did he add more wood on the table so that it is sturdy for me to work on, but he also painted the boards and the legs and added more hooks on the peg board for me to organize my tools in. So it was table makeover today when he came home from work.

The before picture of the work table:

After pictures:

Now we just need to situate the garage so that we have enough light in there to work. I love my new table and cannot wait to set it up and start working on it.

Today I worked on my jewelry pictures to make a a collage poster for the show and 16X20 posters of other jewelry to hang in my art room. I should be picking them up tomorrow. I will be repainting that room again. The light pink in there is actually depressing in the light that comes in. :( So I picked a pear green that is a vibrant color and very energizing. And being that green is one of my favorite colors I know it will change my mood every time I walk into the room. :)

The poster heading to the show with us:

The other posters made to be framed:

Glass Bracelets

Metal Work

Glass Earrings

I am excited to pick them up tomorrow.

These last days have been beautiful out. I always feel like I have neglected to go out and just enjoy it and take some pictures, but with how busy I have been, I just take in the moment I can sit out on my back deck and drink my coffee while I watch Kaiah in our back yard in the morning. Around this time of the year, I know it was starting to get chilly and rainy in Alaska. Even though I miss the scenery very much, I don't miss being chilly. I know the fall season here will last for a while and I am hoping to enjoy every minute of it. So fall drives are in the agenda once the leaves start turning. And I have two flower presses waiting for fallen leaves to be pressed in them. *SMILE*

Well it is late and Kaiah and whining to go to bed. She tries to sneak into our room and jump up on the bed. LOL! And the boys need to be in bed. I hope you all are enjoying my updates leading up to the show.

Until next time.....


rita maria said...

hi abigail :) thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice note! its so great to hear from another artist. your jewelry is beautiful and your my favorite is your picture of the sunflowers. sounds like you are getting ready for a show. i wish you the best of luck and that you meet some great people. they are going to love your jewelry! i will be in touch with your blog!

with heart,
rita maria

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Love the posters Abby... Your photography has gone another level up... I like how u place your work on shells and the earrings hanging over the side of the bowl make your work pop...Love the metal work poster..R those pieces at your etsy site?

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Hi Rita thank you for stopping by. :)Thank you for checking out my blog. Yes I love to take pictures and hopefully will have some pretty ones for the fall. :) If you go backwards on my blog you will find pictures of Alaska and also on my flickr site, that is where I am originally from. :) But I am enjoying the nice sunshine here in Kentucky although we had the hottest summer in years. LOL! I really can't wait for fall. Again thanks and hope to keep in touch. :)

Chrissy thank you! I know you own some of my metal pieces. :) The ones on the poster are either from the class I took or the earrings are at a gallery here in town. I will actually be pulling out my work from there this week and spruce them up for the show. When the show is done whatever is leftover will be divided between the gallery and the Etsy shop. But I will be keeping the Etsy shop open for the holidays. So I will let you know. I hope all is well with you. :)