Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept. 24, 2010 Lunch at Lynn's Paradise Cafe on the 17th

The weeks have flown. :( Not that I want them to but it became very hectic right before the Art In the Highlands,(Sept 18th and 19th)then that weekend went by like a whirlwind then this week became even more busy that I have to stop for a second to make sure the spinning in my head stops! LOL!

First off I have to say that I enjoyed being a part of such a great art fair among other artists who are not only known here in Kentucky but also such talented people. I learned so much and is very grateful for the experience of being with this group of artists and a great school that volunteered their beautiful grounds and time for us. Despite the heat that came around this last weekend(yes I made it through without melting)Bo and I not only enjoyed our time at the art fair but also in Louisville.

Friday was set up day and so we needed to go to Louisville to set our booth and tables up then drive back to Elizabethtown to situate Nick to head on to a friends house since he had a race that Saturday and Jared to come to Louisville with us. After our set up we decided to eat at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. We saw this restaurant featured on the Food Network channel along with a throw down with Bobby Flay so we wanted to check it out. We were not disappointed. Not only was the restaurant very neat and eclectic but the food was awesome.

It really did help lift my mood which was nervous for the art show and sad in my heart over news we received just a day before. As Bo and I were running errands for last minute things before the weekend he received a phone call that would alter our plans for the next year. I knew the news would be coming at some point but this soon? So you can imagine it threw me for a loop and I had to really get myself back together to concentrate on that upcoming weekend.

So time spent with him not only for lunch but for the whole weekend of the art show became more important to me now more than ever.

So here are pictures of Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville.

The lamp at our table

Bo playing with the toys on the table. :)

I thought the legs on the walls were so cool! :)

After lunch we headed back to Elizabethtown about 50 miles away to situate Nick and grab Jared. We drove back to Louisville that night and ate dinner across the Ohio river at Rocky's in Jeffersonville, Indiana and stayed at the Sheraton there. I love the night skyline of the city and was able to see it with the sun setting.

This was the view from our hotel window.

It was going to be an early morning for all 3 of us, so we headed to bed. The next day was to bring about the first day of the Art in the Highlands at Louisville Collegiate.

The art fair was a great experience despite the heat and as we rounded that weekend off we came home to more of a to do list since Bo was to be leaving us soon. We ended up painting my art room and the boys rooms in a span of two days that Bo was off. The next thing we will tackle is our living room(he is changing the color we painted it) and finishing our unfinished side of the basement. He wants us to be comfortable and feel like this is our home mostly when he is not around. And yes I don't live with a procrastinator so we went from one project to another. LOL!

Tomorrow we are headed to Bowling Green for Nick's cross country race. It never ends in this household but I did want to update and hope to share pictures of more recent work and also the art fair soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

I am just now seeing this post..What a colorful place.. Personally, I would think those legs might come falling off the wall! lol