Saturday, January 8, 2011

An end to 2010 and a welcome to 2011

January 2011

I cannot believe 2010 has come and went. Although I was counting down so that the new year can start and we as a family can finally countdown for Bo's return. The holidays were busy. After our wrestling tournament we had Christmas then another wrestling tournament out of town which I was so happy Jared took 5th place at.

Then the next holiday of New Year's came around. New Years Eve is special not only because of the upcoming new year but because Nick turned 17 yrs old. Can you believe I have a 17 yr old? So we celebrated it with taking him and a couple of their wrestling friends out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant followed by cake and ice cream at the house and the guys playing games all night long. I am just glad Nick enjoyed his day.

Guys at the restaurant

Embarrassing Nick for his birthday. :)

The guys

Nick and I

Blowing out his candles

The 1st day of January 2011 came with taking down all the Christmas stuff. There wasn't a glitter in site after I was done. Even if it was a bit sad to have this season go by I was so ready to take down the holiday decorations. It was nice to have a nice clean and organized home again.

I have a blank wall waiting for new art and some charms sitting on my jewelry table waiting to be turned into a charm bracelet. New year and new goals and intentions and this time I will keep track of it like I do with my "to do" list. :) This will guarantee me having to cross it off the list. :)

We have had snow again but our sunsets have been gorgeous with bright peach to pink skies. Always a treat when I leave to get the boys from practice.

January skies

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for 2011 to be a great year. :)

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Susan Stevenson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICK! Looks like a fun time was had. That cake looks great too.

I know you're happy that 2011 is here. I hope the time flies by and Bo is home before you know it. {{hugs}}