Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update Jan. 25th of 2011

It has been a busy week into the weekend, but I wouldn't trade that kind of time for anything else when its spent with my boys. We had the North Hardin Invitational this Saturday and both boys placed 4th in each of their weight classes and our team took 2nd. Then we woke up Sunday to find out that Nick was featured in the front page of the sports section! :) So this was his week. :) Besides that he also placed last weekend at the Lafayette 5 star classic. Its just I wasn't there to take pictures. :(

So here is a little snippet of those moments...

Jared's cool singlet he was able to wear for the tournament. :) Its called Mythic Magic. All the coaches and wrestlers loved it. :)

Jared not wasting any time pinning his opponents.

Nick getting ready for his match.

Nick pinning one of his opponents.

Jared on the podium taking 4th in 103 and a teammate taking 2nd.

Nick on the podium taking 4th in 112 in a highly competitive weight class.

Our CHHS team taking 2nd in the Invitational.

My handsome Coffell boys. I am so proud of them that they put their dedication and heart into all they do.

Nick's feature in the paper. :)

I hate how Bo is missing all this and can only see the events through pictures and that is if he even has time to download them to see them. I have two more sports to get through without him around. :( But despite his absence I am so proud of the boys that they are still going strong and achieving the goals they have set for themselves. My heart melts every time I see them help each other on things or help their friends and teammates. Regions is coming up soon. Nick has a chance at state for his weight class.:)

On to other things....
The other week I bought a ring from a friend on here, Cassie. http://mbjewelry.blogspot.com/ :) I have always wanted one of her rings but knew I would have to special order one since my fingers are so small. Well this ring caught my eye and it seemed just so appropriate of a word for the start of this year.

I received it all packaged up so cute!

I have been wearing it everyday since then. :)

These gray days are working on my mood but I am trying to stay motivated and creative. I finally started my triptych for the living room and actually moved my stuff to the living room so I have more natural light and so it forces me to work on it little by little everyday.

Here is the progression...

I am not sure when this will be done. I will work on it as time allows and my patience of having my stuff out in the living room prevails. LOL! This is just the first layering. What is the end result may not even look anything remotely close to how it started.

Really looking forward to the weather drying up! It snowed then rained! So we have a mess outside. :(

Spring please come soon. I need color and warmth!

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