Saturday, April 23, 2011

21 Secrets projects

I am very thankful that we have artists that are so passionate of their craft that they cannot wait to share with the world. Living in the area that I do, I do not have much interaction with artists. Most of the workshops or classes would have to be a commute, and so with my hectic schedule with the boys and my hubby gone, I tend to immerse myself in books and magazines to inspire and motivate me to create. But lately I have taken online workshops where I have met others that share the same interests and also have learned different techniques without having to be in a traditional classroom.

My Get Your Paint on Workshop kicked off my hunger to learn and now I am part of 21 Secrets. I love how we have 21 artists sharing their secrets and teaching us different techniques and at the same time giving us the motivation to create and the confidence to be brave and just be ourselves. The way the workshops are set up you can have discussions and share your work and I think that is so valuable to have. So thank you Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio for your hard work in getting these classes going and to my fellow artist friend Rachel Whetzel for introducing the site to me. If you are interested please check it out. The classes are at your pace and lasts until August. So with that said let me share some of my work. :)

Playing with Patterns by Debra Cooper

These are patterned papers handmade with stamps and paint that will be a part of a handmade journal. Right now I am experimenting with different stamps and effects.

Silent Messages Workshop Rachel Whetzel

The beginning progression of my project with paperclay.

Abstract Adventures with Connie Hozvicka

My first Fearless painting. Painting with intuition and concentrating on the process and not the end result. It was a very fun and freeing experience and it felt so good to paint with no obligation to anything but my heart and soul. :)

And yes I recycle so these are some of the paper towels used to clean my brushes. They are being dried so I can use them in my journals and collages. I like how it looks dyed. :)

As you can see I have been busy in a happy way. :) Sorry it took so long to write this.
As of today I learned in wet nasty clay and grass to mow the lawn(this is Bo's realm not mine so I felt like a dummy). We have about an acre or so of land and with all our storms its made the grass and weeds grow out of control that they were taller than my ankles! So Nick did half of our front since we are on a slope and we kept on getting stuck in the mud, and I finally finished the back. It doesn't look as pretty as when Bo does it due to wet grass but I had to do while it wasn't raining since our forecast is to rain all week again! Well I just got done sweeping when the sirens for a tornado warning went off. Great! I am so tired of these storms.

I hope the sun will come out soon and dry up our yard so we can do the side of the house before it becomes a jungle of weeds. :(

I want to take a moment to say Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

These are all so wonderful! I love your papers...such great colors and patterns! Thanks for joining us at 21 Secrets! xo, debra

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Thank you Debra! And thanks for passing by. :)

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

Wow..I LOVE the pattern work and the painting too!