Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain, rain, Go Away!

Wow we have been bombarded a whole week now with severe weather. Night after night of rushing the kids and the dog (who also gets anxious) down to the basement as our tornado sirens go off. This Alaskan girl is not used to being freaked out by the weather like that. LOL! Last night was about the scariest for us when we found out a funnel cloud was spotted not too far from where we live and we watched the wall cloud and the rotation in it come through our back yard and made everything eerie, quiet, and dark until it unleashed its energy. SCARY! As I write this the wind is still kicking outside. We have had so much rain that the other half of our neighborhood is flooded and we have to find a different route to school. Yes you heard right the kids are still going to school and yet if an inch of snow falls they close it. We were on an hour delay today and they pushed testing for tomorrow. The boys have state testing this week then their AP exams next week.

No we do not have a creek out back, that is because of how much rain we have had. As you can see it pouring down.

Poor Kaiah all she wants to do is go play and she can't. The backyard is soaked, the mat she lays on is soaked and there is no sunshine for her to sunbathe in. :(

The rainy days though call for being at home. I do run my errands but I prioritize what is important, like picking up the kids. But if I really do not have to be out in it, I will not be, mostly after a scare of it coming down where you couldn't see in front of you to drive right and I was still far away from where the boys were. It can be depressing with no sun. You all know me, I love my sunshine. But I have put my energy into my arts. I really love the 21 Secrets workshop I am part of and I try to pace myself on what workshops to do first and try to finish projects before I start another but that isn't working too well. Laughing...I want to try all the different techniques that I have multiple projects going at once. LOL! But that is a good thing right? :)

Here are more Silent Messages Workshop projects made with paperclay. In these pictures they were just made and so I had them sitting out to dry.

I love how some of the textures came out.

I experimented with putting it on canvas.

I cannot wait to paint and finish these pieces. Other than that I am working on other projects for the different workshops and just joined "Drawing Happy" and "Collage Paint and Soul".

I am so happy to be learning and creating. It puts me in such a positive mood no matter what challenges have risen throughout this deployment. Thank you to the artists and instructors who has given this opportunity to me.

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Susan Stevenson said...

Great photos, but that first one is OUTSTANDING!!! Love the colors and the angry sky. Perfect!

Sorry you're having such bad weather. Stay safe - and dry!

Miss you! I think this weekend is the parade of greenhouses. I was thinking of you when I read that. :(